A postcard from Spain, day 5, part 2 : Another little naturist on the way?

I hope I’m not tempting fate with this title, as to the best of my knowledge both of my children were conceived in this very RL location! 🙂

No, as the day draws to a close I do tend to take a little walk down to beach, to watch the last of the naturists wend their weary way back home to their apartments, hotels or homes. The wind continues to blow hard, making it yet another red flag day on the beach. It had grown so strong late this afternoon that by the time I got down to the beach only a few remained, two of them being a lovely pregnant woman and her husband. Probably about 6 months pregnant, and full of the bloom of mid-pregnancy. She looked beautiful, confident and content.

Had I been at home, and thinking this post up, I’d have got a shout out for Harry to set it up with a couple of willing models, and also got ‘Dad’ -or a guy posing as Dad- to be in the photograph too. I’ve given Harry a shout anyway, so perhaps he can set a photo up with some of the models he uses for us from time to time. In the meantime, utilising the ‘Eve’ alt again (she has seen more service this week than in all of her previous existence), here’s ‘Mum to be’, stepping off a Spanish playa (or in this case, Turtle Coast as the backdrop).


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