Harry’s response to the postcards from Spain, and to the evil Eva Pookes! :)

I got Ella’s IM this afternoon, rounded up my chum Anton, and we trotted over to the tennis courts to re-enact the game of all-nude male tennis she encountered earlier this week.

I’ve managed to grab a couple of decent ‘action’ type shots I’m happy with, and here they are…


I particularly like the third shot, which does, I hope capture some element of a game in action, even if our invisible (female?) opponents are out of shot! I’m guessing we were distracted, taking a heavy 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 defeat. Maybe it was the vision of them across the net, or maybe it was just that we’re bad tennis players. 🙂 Anyway, setting the shots up were a challenge but great fun to do.

And I don’t want any of you to think I’ve been hiding this week after the verbal pasting I took from Pookes 🙂

I’m quite flattered to have a street named after me 🙂

I’m sure Ella could tell us from her experiences this week that the male appendage comes in all sorts of sizes, and there’s no one much less ‘developed’ than Michaelangelo’s ‘David’, a work universally admired.

On that basis…and I’m not that bothered. 🙂  How many have streets named after them in SL? Anyway, I’ve proportioned me like RL. A constant problem with many SL guys is that they seriously flatter themselves with disproportionate penises, and probably more boastful than their RL selves are.

I’m anticipating Ella will have a field day with this post when she comes online, imagining we’re veering close to being ‘smutty’ 🙂

To get back onto a naturist theme, NWAT has some photo boards in a couple of its shops. Two points I’d raise are that a) guys seem to be shy about having themselves pictured. C’mon guys! Do your bit to redress this imbalance, lovely though all of the ladies are and b) I tried to upload my picture to one of them, but it didn’t seem to want to accept the image, so I’ll check with Rok and see what we can do about altering that.

And on the topic of lovely ladies, how come none of these delights have offered to pose for SL Naturist? C’mon ladies, make yourselves known to me so you can grace the pages of Issue 6.




A postcard from Spain, day 6

The sun hasn’t broken through wispy cloud yet, so my morning stroll was cooler, allowing me to take a long walk along the naturist beach. On my way back, I encountered a nude tennis match, which would be a lot of fun for anyone who plays the game (I don’t, I’ve no hand to eye co-ordination).

The match was between two men, and yet again I’d have asked Harry to set up a suitable series of shots if I had the time to do so, but since I want these postcards to be instant, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with me again. I’m sure you’re sick of the sight of me this week. However, as a bonus, a treat or something downright scary -take your pick- the elusive, occasional SL player, Mr. Keng, was ‘encouraged’ to come online and pose with me. And then go offline just as quickly! 🙂

I’ve IM’ed Harry to set up some sort of proper shoot for this and we’ll revisit some of these themes when I get home and Harry’s had time to organise something properly. 

I have to say that, despite knowing the tennis court was available (at NWAT) it wouldn’t have occurred to me to use the props and poses until I’d encountered a RL version of naturist tennis. I expect that what this means in the future is that I shall view different scenes in SL with a different eye, and we shall have to revisit our favourite locations and do some more photo shoots at various spots. 

In the meantime, enjoy some fairly basic shots of myself and Mr. Keng playing some tennis!





An outbreak of postcards?

Rok, at NWAT, has sent me a postcard of him enjoying what he reckons will be one of the last hot days of his summer, and he is seeking to make the best of it.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is now drawing to a close (although residents in this part of Spain will enjoy warm days until October and maybe even beyond. Or, at least, holidaymakers in this area will. The locals will be getting their winter woolies on in a couple of weeks, I expect, because everything’s relative to what you’re used to experiencing.

I’ve been out here in the early part of the year and able to sit in the sun, in a T shirt, in February having desayuno (breakfast). As I did so, a local cyclist rode by in his winter clothes and also wearing a ski mask!!! It looked like a scene from some comedy film about environmentally friendly bank robbers. 🙂

This is my last full day here, and it’s back to the UK for me tomorrow and the full expectation of months of rain, snow, more rain, cold and even more rain in long dark winter days in western Scotland. So I shall make the best of it, and even tomorrow up until lunchtime, because the winters are long.

And that’s one of the nice things about SL, and naturism within it. We can experience it, at least virtually, and have some sense of a reminder about what it is we love about the lifestyle.

And even if you’re only an SL naturist, and lack the opportunity or courage (yes, it does require some courage to make that public debut) to be a RL one, then you’ll find there’s what I style as the ‘genuine’ naturist sims, such as Eden, Nudity Where Art Thou, Su Casa and others (you’ll find the slurls on our links page) where you can gain some sense of what the lifestyle’s all about. And the ones who are genuine do a very good job of creating some sense of the lifestyle. Laidback, carefree and relaxing with a high element of sociability. And as SL is essentially a ‘social network’, it is possible to make very genuine friends who share this outlook.

So Rok sent me a postcard of his fading summer, and I’ll be writing my penultimate postcard later on (when I try to replicate yet another scene from RL). Why not send your own ‘postcard’ to us to publish? You know where we are, and you can send me -Ella Keng- an IM, an email, or however you wish.