A postcard from Spain, day 6

The sun hasn’t broken through wispy cloud yet, so my morning stroll was cooler, allowing me to take a long walk along the naturist beach. On my way back, I encountered a nude tennis match, which would be a lot of fun for anyone who plays the game (I don’t, I’ve no hand to eye co-ordination).

The match was between two men, and yet again I’d have asked Harry to set up a suitable series of shots if I had the time to do so, but since I want these postcards to be instant, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with me again. I’m sure you’re sick of the sight of me this week. However, as a bonus, a treat or something downright scary -take your pick- the elusive, occasional SL player, Mr. Keng, was ‘encouraged’ to come online and pose with me. And then go offline just as quickly! 🙂

I’ve IM’ed Harry to set up some sort of proper shoot for this and we’ll revisit some of these themes when I get home and Harry’s had time to organise something properly. 

I have to say that, despite knowing the tennis court was available (at NWAT) it wouldn’t have occurred to me to use the props and poses until I’d encountered a RL version of naturist tennis. I expect that what this means in the future is that I shall view different scenes in SL with a different eye, and we shall have to revisit our favourite locations and do some more photo shoots at various spots. 

In the meantime, enjoy some fairly basic shots of myself and Mr. Keng playing some tennis!





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