Harry’s response to the postcards from Spain, and to the evil Eva Pookes! :)

I got Ella’s IM this afternoon, rounded up my chum Anton, and we trotted over to the tennis courts to re-enact the game of all-nude male tennis she encountered earlier this week.

I’ve managed to grab a couple of decent ‘action’ type shots I’m happy with, and here they are…


I particularly like the third shot, which does, I hope capture some element of a game in action, even if our invisible (female?) opponents are out of shot! I’m guessing we were distracted, taking a heavy 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 defeat. Maybe it was the vision of them across the net, or maybe it was just that we’re bad tennis players. 🙂 Anyway, setting the shots up were a challenge but great fun to do.

And I don’t want any of you to think I’ve been hiding this week after the verbal pasting I took from Pookes 🙂

I’m quite flattered to have a street named after me 🙂

I’m sure Ella could tell us from her experiences this week that the male appendage comes in all sorts of sizes, and there’s no one much less ‘developed’ than Michaelangelo’s ‘David’, a work universally admired.

On that basis…and I’m not that bothered. 🙂  How many have streets named after them in SL? Anyway, I’ve proportioned me like RL. A constant problem with many SL guys is that they seriously flatter themselves with disproportionate penises, and probably more boastful than their RL selves are.

I’m anticipating Ella will have a field day with this post when she comes online, imagining we’re veering close to being ‘smutty’ 🙂

To get back onto a naturist theme, NWAT has some photo boards in a couple of its shops. Two points I’d raise are that a) guys seem to be shy about having themselves pictured. C’mon guys! Do your bit to redress this imbalance, lovely though all of the ladies are and b) I tried to upload my picture to one of them, but it didn’t seem to want to accept the image, so I’ll check with Rok and see what we can do about altering that.

And on the topic of lovely ladies, how come none of these delights have offered to pose for SL Naturist? C’mon ladies, make yourselves known to me so you can grace the pages of Issue 6.




3 thoughts on “Harry’s response to the postcards from Spain, and to the evil Eva Pookes! :)

  1. Harry:

    I wish to clarify two points:

    I named Rue Petite Penis after myself, I too have tried to stay closer to RL proportions with my av; and,

    the Promenade Encie de Saussice (literally “sausage envy”) was inspired by your and Pookes’ wiener expose of my hotdog vendor.

    I will also check the perms on the photo boards as I would certainly like to see some of your works displayed.

    Keep up the great work! I’m a fan.


  2. Thanks for the clarification Rok, and Harry’s right, he’s focusing on ‘smut’ rather than naturism 🙂 But I’m not going to edit it, because it would be interesting to see what people’s thoughts/reactions are to it. While we espouse ‘genuine naturist values’ there’s no denying that sex still forms a part of genuine naturism and we do sometimes enjoy some double entendres in conversation, usually taken in the right spirit. There’s no denying we do steal admiring or envious glances at other people in RL, and admire well put together avatars as well.

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