A postcard from Spain, day 7

And so my holiday draws to a close, with it being unlikely I’ll have another break until next June. That’s nine long months away from now!

Best to maximise those last final hours before we pack up and head off home, and today’s photo is a scene I’ve just experienced in RL less than 20 minutes ago. Before the sun had properly risen, I took my little cup of tea down to the shore, just to breathe in the fresh air, watch a couple of early morning nude joggers pass by, and sit on one of the wooden beach seats to listen to the waves. It was magical.

And the thing about this hour of the day, 700am-ish GMT, is that it’s quiet in my RL, allowing me to get into SL and explore or write about it, but it’s also quiet in SL time! Europe hasn’t quite woken, and the US is just drifting off to bed (or already in bed, depending on which coast you’re on) so it’s only the night owls still around.

Standing ankle deep in the surf, naked, watching the sun come up.

Is there a better way to live?

Back to normality (and work) next week, so SLN will fall back into its normal pattern of posting. I have lined up a couple of posts I’ll try and get published tomorrow, Sunday, before I pretty much disappear for a few days (you’ll have grown sick of the sight of me this past week anyway!).

Until we next speak, enjoy SL and your naturism, real or virtual, wherever you are.