Support Sweden Naturist Day, Wednesday 12th September.

While I was on holiday, Areola didn’t show up online at all (although due to us all having different RL and SL times, this isn’t a major concern). But I did get an email in which she outlined her next offering to the blog, and it has duly arrived. I’ll let Areola pick up the story.


SL Naturist picked up on Evacaroline Ling’s sense of dissatisfaction with visitor numbers in this post a few weeks ago. It seems that Eva’s sense of frustration hasn’t dissipated, and her group is showing a number of notices in which she repeats her concerns, although a number of people have made the effort to register their strong support for Sweden Naturist.

If you don’t use these places, they will close. I presume we visit Sweden because we adore the beautiful layout and the chance to be naturist within it. If you don’t support Sweden, or any of the other sims that offer naturism as a lifestyle choice, they will close. It’s as simple as that.

So we have declared this Wednesday to be ‘Support Sweden’ day (12th September), giving people a few days to organise themselves and their SL time to make sure that they visit Sweden on that date and we register our gratitude and thanks to what Eva does.

Join the group, it’s free, and leave a message in the group notices. I have done, registering SL Naturist’s full support for what Eva does for us.

Sweden Naturist

Click the link above and visit now if you can. And be sure to visit on Wednesday, September 12th!!!! SL Naturist will be there, in late afternoon and early evening European times, and shouting our support for Eva and Sweden.

In the meantime, I’ve added a few photos of me at Sweden, and having a jolly time in this beautiful sim.

Yes, it is true! I danced with a chair (although this is better than talking to an empty one, Mr. Clint Eastwood!)



3 thoughts on “Support Sweden Naturist Day, Wednesday 12th September.

  1. I’m glad to say that Areola’s initiative, and this post, appears to have led to a substantial ‘click through’ on the blog, and hopefully readers will take heed and show Eva some support in the traffic to her beautiful sim. In the meantime, it’s worth reminding people that sim builders spend time maintaining their place, wherever it is in SL, and invest real money in it. You can show your support by visiting all of the sims we feature regularly, and the odd IM to say ‘thanks’ will always be appreciated, whichever sims we choose to visit, within or without the SL naturist community.

  2. Amen. The naturist sim builders are typically not in it for the money but rather the fact that the naturist/nudist community is typically the nicest, most hones of groups in SL.

    • ty for your intrst to my place i hope i come many pepole at 12/9 i gonna bee there after 17 00 pm swedish time . +1 gmt evac.

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