A postcard from Spain, day 5, part 2 : Another little naturist on the way?

I hope I’m not tempting fate with this title, as to the best of my knowledge both of my children were conceived in this very RL location! 🙂

No, as the day draws to a close I do tend to take a little walk down to beach, to watch the last of the naturists wend their weary way back home to their apartments, hotels or homes. The wind continues to blow hard, making it yet another red flag day on the beach. It had grown so strong late this afternoon that by the time I got down to the beach only a few remained, two of them being a lovely pregnant woman and her husband. Probably about 6 months pregnant, and full of the bloom of mid-pregnancy. She looked beautiful, confident and content.

Had I been at home, and thinking this post up, I’d have got a shout out for Harry to set it up with a couple of willing models, and also got ‘Dad’ -or a guy posing as Dad- to be in the photograph too. I’ve given Harry a shout anyway, so perhaps he can set a photo up with some of the models he uses for us from time to time. In the meantime, utilising the ‘Eve’ alt again (she has seen more service this week than in all of her previous existence), here’s ‘Mum to be’, stepping off a Spanish playa (or in this case, Turtle Coast as the backdrop).


A postcard from Spain, day 4

Whoops! Yesterday’s post didn’t appear on account of me pressing the wrong buttons on wordpress.

So here it is, publishing properly this time, I hope.

One of the noticeable things about RL naturism is that there are a number of ‘larger’ naturists. You quickly learn that there’s no perfect body, and those imperfections, however they manifest themselves, are what makes each of us unique.

In naturism, no one is judgemental about people’s (media driven concept of) imperfections. In fact, it gives people a confidence that they’re perfectly fine as they are, regardless how ‘big boned’ they might be.

In naturism, we’re all lovely.


A postcard from Spain, day 3.

Weather isn’t something that, in some instances, can’t be easily represented in SL. Sure, we get the usual outbreak of snow on previously tropical islands at Christmas, but apart from sun (the midday setting) and occasional representations of rain at some sims, that’s it.

So ‘windy’ isn’t something I can readily bring you, other than to say that it’s windy here, to the extent that the waves are up, the yellow flags remain out, warning bathers that it’s not a brilliant idea to go in. The best I can manage is to go have gone to Su Casa and capture the waves rolling into the beach, which gives a little sense of ‘surf’s up’.


Your wiener’s bigger than mine!

Now, I know that the word ‘wiener’ has different connotations in the good old USA than it does in Europe 🙂

That not withstanding, I noticed that a hot dog vendor has set up shop just outside the Hotel du Jardin, as we keep calling it, although to give it its proper name, it’s the Hotel Le Jardin d’Eden.

A little bit of a history lesson coming up. The Wiener are what Germans call the Viennese, and the sausage known as a ‘wiener’ was invented by a German butcher who moved to Vienna, hence its name elsewhere. But in Vienna the sausage is known as a frankfurter, on account of the German butcher who invented it coming from Frankfurt.

Anyway, when I saw him there I thought ‘I know who needs to pose for photos! Harry!!!!’ 🙂

Well, there are times when Harry says ‘any chance of you posing?’ and we do, so I thought the tables should be turned for once.

I tp’ed him over and popped a dog in his hand. ‘It’s breakfast time’, he moaned.

‘You don’t have to eat it. Just pose with it and let me do the rest’.

‘You’re up to something. I can tell’.


Anyway, Harry, here’s the pix, and a suitable text to go with them!

‘You’re joking, right?’

‘I can’t believe how small it is!’

‘You appear to have a larger one’

Pookes 🙂

Updated to add: In honour of Harry’s wiener, the street has been renamed.


A postcard from Spain (What I saw, day 2)

If there’s anything that reaffirms ‘family values’, it’s a naturist holiday. It crosses generations, and people aren’t compartmentalised as they are in everyday society. It becomes a case of getting into conversation with others, readily and easily, and making new friends or at least spending enjoyable time with others under a scorching sun.

Hats, to protect the top of the head, seem to be the order of the day today (I’m more inclined to a bandana for this purpose, but it doesn’t sit too well or re-size on my hair, so I’ve joined the hat brigade, just for today).

And on my wanderings today, I came across a naked man on a bicycle. Not the first time I’ve seen him, he’s resident where I go, but it reminded me to get my bicycle out and pedal around Nudity Where Art Thou?, carefully keeping to the shade provided by the new, back streets under construction at the back of the Hotel du Jardin. I’ve told Pookes to not encourage wolf-whistles from the construction site, as she tends to go (is!) feminist and will probably stage a one woman sit-in at their canteen. And you know construction workers and tea! No tea, no work (at least in Britain).

Finally, I moved onto the beach -rug rats and other half not photographed- where I fell into conversation with an elderly French woman. I’ve not done French since I was at school, so it was the most abject grammar ever, but she seemed to understand, and also kept it simple so I could understand her French.

Back at the apartment now to fix us some late, late lunch. Will probably squeeze another post in when the nippers are in bed. 🙂


Place Ella

Thanks go to Rok, who has reserved SLN a table at the Hotel du Jardin’s cafe. If any of us are around, be sure to say hello. I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that it’s right beside a sign saying ‘Beware Pickpockets and Loose women’!!!! 🙂

And probably also entirely coincidental that it’s situated on ‘Place Ella’. 😉

Well…if it’s ‘loose women’, I suppose I’d better stand on a street corner, lol. 

Off to the beach now with the rug rats. Back later with, I hope, another ‘What I saw’ posting.



What I saw, day 1

Since I actually have internet access, and while Dad’s reading a couple of over-excited children a bedtime story, I’ve retired to the balcony to sit in the warmth of a balmy Spanish evening, as nature intended, and recall the day -with relevance to SL and SL naturism, of course!

A pretty typical naturist Sunday in Spain, all told, with lots of families on the beach. The stand out image of the day, however, goes to the couple in their 70s who passed our apartment at lunchtime, her only sporting a sun hat and some nipple piercings(!) and him only with a couple of genital piercings(!)

I thought it, well, slightly odd that people of that age should be sporting such decoration but then I remembered one of the central tenets of naturism, that we’re very accepting of everyone and everything. And having done so, I thought it was gorgeous that people of a certain age hadn’t forgotten how to be themselves, be adventurous, be young! 

So that sent me scurrying to my female alt, ‘Eve’, to purchase an ‘older’ skin, some white hair and…help!…some nipple piercings. I wouldn’t do it as Ella in SL or me in RL, but I felt it was important to try to provide an image that replicated my RL naturist experiences today. And so the image, of an elderly naturist, should remind us that age is only a number, with youth still a state of mind in the head. The couple in their 70s passing our apartment looked lovely. ‘Eve’, my quickly assembled 70 year old naturist (sans nipple piercings, which haven’t worked out right!) looks equally lovely.

Now, himself and I are off to share a bottle of rioja, so think of us 🙂



The good news is I have internet here on the Costa. So it looks like I shall be bringing you regular SLN updates this week. The bad news is that the sea was very cold this morning at 800am, so it was a quick race in and out before retiring to a nice warm cup of tea back at the apartment, all of 100m from the water’s edge! Hopefully it’ll be calmer, and warmer, tomorrow morning!