A lazy morning at NWAT (Nudity Where art Thou)

I logged in, this lovely, sunny Saturday morning, to NWAT. The intention had been to go shopping for some clothes -even we naturists do dress occasionally in SL- but that never happened as I decided to stick around and explore some of the little bits of it I’ve maybe not given my full attention previously.

There’s a ‘members only’ area, a little dance floor on the corner of the beach, and while I’m not personally disposed to being much of a dancer, there wasn’t anyone around so…deep breath…I hopped onto the dance pole!

Well! It’s quite…sexy! 🙂 I…um…gyrated for a bit, keeping a watchful eye for anyone who might be hooting with laughter, then moved on to one of the wooden huts on the beach which might be available for rent. I like these, they remind me of Spanish ‘chiringuitos’ -beach bars/cafes dotted around the playas. 

After that I moved onto a quite austere building, which looks destined to be a fitness suite. It’s excellent that a building that may have fallen into some sort of disrepair is getting a makeover for the 21st century. I’m not sure what this was in the past, maybe some sort of military post, but Rok seems to be fitting it with a tub, massage table, etc. By this time Harry had joined me online, so I offered him a massage. Nothing racy or saucy, mind! Just a nice relaxing massage. I must be better at this than I am pole dancing, because Harry got so relaxed he fell asleep!

So…I sneaked off to explore some more, leaving him slumbering under his towel. 🙂

Further on round the beach I found one of the things I adore in SL, a swimming pool. Wearing my swimmie attachment, you can get one free at Summerdreams (see the slurls to naturist sites page) I did some much needed exercise before relaxing for a while on the adjacent seating.

Where’s Harry? Still sleeping, apparently. Ssshhh! A busy photographer needs his rest.

Well, eventually he turned up looking tired, lol, and we sat and chatted for a while.

After that, he decided to go offline, and I wandered around a bit by myself again.

And who should I run into but the NWAT gendarme! Like Cap D’Agde, the French naturist city which has its own police force, so does NWAT. I’m not sure what the officer’s name is, I just call him ‘Salvador’, on account of his Dali-esque moustache and nod and smile politely as I pass him on his patrols.

And then I chanced upon the NWAT record store. In an era of these lovely little havens disappearing to corporate anonymity, it’s fantastic to see they survive in NWAT. And this takes me back to when I was 16 and had a Saturday job in a little independently owned record store in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. My father used to buy records there, and eventually the owner offered me a job on account of a healthy knowledge of jazz and blues music (learned from my papa). Perhaps I need to take that shopping expedition after all and tour the SL equivalent of my former home city. Perhaps next week. In the meantime it’s back to the balcony of the SLN offices for some hard work! 🙂




New FKK club

A really, really quick post (with no pictures!) of a new FKK (freikorperkultur) club that has just turned up in search. I’m doing this while packing for my holiday, so no time to take a lengthy visit and take snaps. The link has been despatched to others for them to do a report and Harry to do photos, and I’ll try and get that posted either while on holiday (rain’s forecast for tonight and tomorrow, much needed as bits of the Costa del Sol are in flames) or when I get back.

Not much info so far, other than it goes by the name of FKK Paradise, in search, and the tp point is here.

I’ve not yet established if it’s only the collection of tiki buildings that form the club, or if there are other elements to it. Some of us will report back on this in the coming days.

Back to packing a suitcase….