While Ella’s away…

…it’s up to the rest of us to keep the blog ticking over. As such, I’ve been around some of the usual sims for naturism, and taken some photos.

Usually, there’s a purpose to the postings, all filtered through and edited by Ella. Without her input, we’re maybe a little at sea, but we’ll try and keep inputting a few posts in the interim.

I know you’ll all join me in wishing Ella’s mother a speedy recovery from surgery, and that Ella can get back to posting in the near future.

Here’s a couple of photos from Nudity Where art thou and Eden Naturopolis. I’ll try and get more independently produced posts up in the coming days. I can’t promise a story or an apparent purpose to them, though.



Blog suspension indefinitely

What began as a simple and straightforward hospital admittance, for fluid in the lungs, has now moved to my mother requiring heart surgery. You will understand that my mind is elsewhere right now, and that participation in SL is somewhat secondary. Harry will try to hold the fort in the meantime, but I know he’s now busy with his day job now that colleges are back, so the blog will have to remain in a kind of suspension for a while yet. Bear with me, I’ll be back ASAP.