I’m flabbergasted…

…by the effort Ella must put into this!

Generally, I get an IM, an email and a brief to provide some photos. And I take ’em. Simple as that. Ella uses some, doesn’t use others, and my role is kind of ‘complete’ at that point. But without our captain, the ship is a bit rudderless. Like the old truth that a supertanker takes several nautical miles to come to a dead halt, it has been difficult to just step into the captain’s shoes, and even with access to the board layout and dashboard, it has taken me a few days to come to grips with the whole engineering behind the blog. More than that, it has taken a few days to come up with ideas for it. I never knew how much Ella thought ahead about future ideas. I’m guessing maybe weeks of months in advance.

I’m still not fully conversant with the whole layout, but I’ll struggle on!

Regular readers will know I’ve previously bemoaned the fact that Rok’s photoboards around the NWAT sim weren’t working. Well, in response to that, Rok tinkered with them, and as a result I’ve got my photo up on one of them. I intend to do more -not of me- in the near future. What I like to do is present any willing model with a small portfolio of themselves to use as profile pics, or just for their own uses. That’s the ‘payment’ for their time and effort. So what I’d like to do in the coming weeks, even after Ella’s return, is to ask models if they’d like me to place their photo on one of Rok’s pinboards, or do it themselves. A kind of permanent record of their nude selves in SL.


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