I’m back

Thanks for bearing with me during a difficult period in my real life. I’m happy to report that, for now, my mother is out of hospital, and minor (as much as any operation is minor for a woman in her 70s) heart surgery is pending. But for now all is good.

I’d also like to thank Harry for bravely keeping the blog going during a period of enforced absence, and I know that if there’s a repeat, under any circumstances, the blog will be in good hands.

So…it’s back to the important issue of blogging naturist news in SL for me now. I see from my inbox that I’ve got quite a few articles to plough through. I can’t promise to get these all published immediately. After a fortnight’s flying (yes, flying!) between one part of the UK and another, keeping bedside vigils, driving, organising and so on, I’m feeling exhausted right now, but at least I can get back to my favourite type of relaxation -SL- again.

Oh! And I think the time has come to make Harry the official assistant editor of the blog, as well as photographer in chief. Which means I’ve got room, I think, for a new assistant photographer. If you’re a naturist, understand genuine naturist values, like taking SL photos, have some good photo editing software, etc etc, drop me a line.