Bathrobe (a naturist accessory of sorts)

We’ve not done any naturist accessories of late, so I thought I’d rectify that with a new item you might like to consider, a bathrobe from G&N. It’s L$120, and mesh, but looks terrific.

Why a bathrobe as an accessory? Last winter, being owed some holidays from work in the damp, grey and cold of Londres, :), I flew ‘home’ to France, and to a favourite naturist destination. I packed my bath robe for two reasons. One, the warmth of the south of France was relative, and while the sun and heat exceed that of my adopted home town, it wasn’t overly hot. Maybe 15 degrees by day, and very chilly in the evenings. However I managed to pop the dressing gown over my clothes for another layer of warmth and it was quite cosy in my apartment. Secondly, the resort had an indoor swimming pool which was heated, and so naturist swimming was certainly possible, with most of the residents at that time of year indulging themselves with some swimming au naturel at some point during the day or evening. I even managed a couple of midnight skinny dips, as well as daylight swimming, which was quite magical. The pool area was very well heated, but my goodness it was cold on the 150m walk back to our apartment!

Many residents also indulged in early morning dips, and you would see them walking to and from the pool in their bathrobes, towel over shoulder and bare under their robe.

So when I saw this item, it reminded me of winter naturism, and I just had to have it. It’s available in a variety of colours, but I chose the pink one. There’s some nice fluffy slippers that forms part of the set too.

Even in summer, the early mornings (and I’m very much an early morning person) can be a little chilly until the sun gets going, so you will often see people on terraces in bath robes, with their coffee and maybe their early morning cigarette, until the sun rises enough to get a bit of heat onto their balconies.

The gown reminds me of that winter naturism, and early mornings in summer.



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