Coffee at NWAT

Well, I’d just got out of the shower and decided to wander downstairs from the SLN office to grab a cup of coffee and a croissant from Jacques, the barista who works the Hotel du Jardin cafe, when I ran into Monika, a German lady now domiciled in Spain and a keen RL naturist. Despite the fact that my hair was wet, meaning I couldn’t -as usual- do a thing with it, and I was feeling a little cold (my T shirt, intended to preserve some core heat, kind of gives it away, lol) I got into conversation with her on some recently placed benches in front of the Hotel, a marvellous place to take in the view.

While SL naturism is in something of a trough, with closures, threats of closures, and no new development, it’s good to know we have a few solid places to visit, and that their owners continue to develop them incrementally. NWAT has a new apartment block, the lofts, built since SLN last reported from it, and we love the pace of the build. Everything familiar, yet new little things that alter the sim and keep it fresh. Well done to Rok for the thoughtful way in which he continues to build this wonderful naturist sim!

Anyway, Monika and I got talking at length, and I’ll come back to her in a subsequent posting with a ‘naturist profile’ report, since she’s actually a very interesting RL naturist.


I also made the acquaintance of Eileen, who I hope to meet up with again, being an interesting lady in her own right. Unfortunately, she was just logged in for the duration of a RL coffee break, and couldn’t stick around to have a chat with us this time.

In the meantime, ‘ladies who lunch’, or in this case, keep Jacques on his toes in constantly refilling our cups of mid-morning coffee, posed for the cameras.


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