Issue 6 : Coming soon

We think, collectively, that we’re just about on track to get Issue 6 of the magazine published on time. That is, for Hallowe’en.

Likely publication date will be October 30th (or 31st, depending on where you live in the world!). It’s all dependent on Ella right now, as she had a couple of pieces in the pipeline that we can see in draft form on the blog’s record, but are ‘unfinished’ in that one just stops seemingly halfway through, and two others destined for Issue 6 may need tidied up, writing wise. We need confirmation of this from Ella prior to us clicking the button that will make them ‘live’ to you, the reader.

On the basis that I’ve been doing this longest, the girls have deferred editorial control to me. I’m a photographer rather than a writer, so it’s a mantle that sits uneasily, but I promise we’ll do all we can to bring you a bumper issue of SLN next week.In the meantime, as is now convention, we trail the magazine’s publication with a series of ‘adverts’ about its imminent arrival. The first in a series of photos (not necessarily one each day, remember) is attached to this post.



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