The Naked Pumpkin Run (SL version)

Originating at the university in Boulder, Colorado, the Naked Pumpkin Run is another of the many naked runs that take place globally, and on where, at Halloween, students and presumably others indulge in a nude run wearing a hollowed out pumpkin on their head.

While it’s not pure, true naturism, it looks (and seems) like a lot of silly fun, and fun I’d certainly have embraced had I been a student there, or thereabouts.

We know that SL goes a little Halloween crazy at this time of year, with many, many freebies being available, as well as priced items, that reflect all manner of Halloween craziness. With this in mind, I’ve located a pumpkin face, more than a pumpkin head, at Glamorize, for only L$1! I’m determined to organise some sort of naked pumpkin run, if I can, before next week. In the meantime, here’s one of my pals, Dagmar, wearing the pumpkin face in a sort of, kind of replication of the Naked Pumpkin run.



nb: the idea for this came from Ella, prior to her enforced absence from the blog, and I’ve just finished it off as best I can. If we get closer to a proper pumpkin head, we’ll update this post. And if you know where there’s a proper pumpkin head anywhere in SL, let us know so we can properly replicate the Naked Pumpkin run in this and subsequent years! 🙂


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