We haven’t reported from Eden for a while!

As the title says, we’ve not done any reports from the Eden Naturopolis for ages. There’s one simple reason for this…much of Eden is private property. I’m sure that many of the residents, when absent and even when at home, probably wouldn’t mind us dropping in, literally, as we fly around the sim(s), on them to take a few snaps of their beautiful homes, but I for one respect other people’s privacy and would never dream of just dropping in unannounced or using their homes for our photoshoots. I’m not sure how others, on SL staff or otherwise, feel about this, but it’s a golden rule when visiting Eden. Yes, sometimes I happen to wander into an area which subsequently reveals itself as private, so I tp back on out again ASAP.

Nevertheless, we do try to visit the various sims regularly (IMs from Ella often suggest we revisit this or that place) so I took it on myself to revisit Eden and just remind you how beautiful and expansive the place is.

I spotted that my friend Markus was online, so I invited him over to add some….eye candy (girls! lol 🙂 ) to the snaps.


Markus and I pose on a jetty beside some beautiful yachts moored next to the Eden apartments block (that IS a public are, despite the proximity of the private apartments)

And then we wandered off to a nearby wooden seat, where I manage to look oh, so sullen, lol!


Hmm! Do you think it was something Markus said? ‘C’mon’, he said, ‘let’s have some fun!!!!’

So we got down and dirty in the mud wrestling pool. And…grrr!!!…he beat me!

At least I got my own back by subjecting him to some dancing, and I can say without challenge that Markus is quite possibly the worst dance partner I’ve ever had in SL (sorry mark, but you know it’s true!!! 🙂 )

The obvious point to the post is that, within a very short radius, in Eden public areas, there’s a lot to do. We didn’t try the outdoor gym, take a shower, go jet-skiing or any of the other abundant activities in just a short walk from one another. And at least markus, the big wuss, claiming to be cold, finally, finally got his T shirt off by the time we’d got around to dancing. Maybe he’d warmed up enough, maybe the fact that his tank top was caked in mud was the reason, I don’t know. But it’s clear it’s possible to grab a friend and just have a ball for ages, for fun and for laughs, over at Eden.