The Naked Pumpkin Run (SL Version No.2)

We reported in this post about the origins of the Naked Pumpkin runs on various US university campuses.In it, I encouraged readers to point us in the direction of proper pumpkin heads around the grid, and I’m pleased to report that one reader, Niamh, IMed me to say she’d found just such a thing, and pointed me in the right direction. I IMed her back, she rounded up her SL boyfriend, and together they posed for us. We now plan to do a third instalment of this post in Issue 6, as I’m currently organising a time and place where we can get a few people together to do a photo essay of the event (is it SL’s first ever Naked Pumpkin run? I think it is!!! 🙂 )

We’re going to be at an SL university campus on Monday AND Tuesday evenings, GMT, and if you want to join in, I’ll have a time and place posted tomorrow, but I’m hoping we can do this late evening so we can maybe catch some of the US Eastern early evening crowd and US Pacific lunchtime crowd if we can. Wanna take part?

I would select one of the naturist sims, but as the Naked Pumpkin runs originated on campus, and because SL’s universities aren’t naturist, it could be terrific fun to do this at a non-naturist location.

In the meantime, here’s Niamh and her fella posing for us on campus. Niamh even managed to grab a pair of running shoes (as it’s a running event) for the occasion.


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