A serious under-estimation…

…has been made into the amount of work Ella pours into this. And even more pre-planning, re-writing, editing our stuff, shuffling photos and so on.

In our defence, we’ve had to step up to the plate late in the day to deliver anything, due to Ella’s ongoing RL situation. But it’s clear we can’t deliver a full ‘Issue 6’ as we’d like, and so we’ve decided to split it in two, with some articles, and the Hallowe’en element of it, later today, and with ‘Issue 6, part 2’ arriving in about 10 days time. This will allow us time to complete things to our satisfaction and to try to maintain the standards Ella has set, rather than throw stuff at the blog in a random manner.

Our apologies, but it’s the best solution we can manage right now.

Pookes, Harry, Areola and Barbara.