Issue 6: An ancient world tour in the company of Judy

In the current economic climate there’s not much new building going on in SL, and it’s harder and harder to find new naturist places to explore. That’s not a problem in itself, as we have a few always exciting and interesting places in which to socialise. Where it does become a problem is in keeping this blog ‘fresh’, if there’s not much news to report. We’ll end up repeating ourselves.So I try to keep looking for places that are, if not wholly naturist, then naturist friendly. And Octagium is one such location. It’s kind of Romanesque, with touches of other ancient world culture (the Orient, Aztec/Mayan civilisation) thrown in for good measure. The scenery is stunning, and it’s a short trip to a neighbouring sim which is Japanese in outlook, with a beautiful zen garden to relax in. I’m guessing the builder is the same person/persons, and they do need to stand up and take a bow for their astonishingly good work.

I toured the sim in the company of Judy, who happily posed for us as we explored the sim together.

Naturist friendly, then, as opposed to naturist, but well worth your time.


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