We haven’t reported from Eden for a while!

As the title says, we’ve not done any reports from the Eden Naturopolis for ages. There’s one simple reason for this…much of Eden is private property. I’m sure that many of the residents, when absent and even when at home, probably wouldn’t mind us dropping in, literally, as we fly around the sim(s), on them to take a few snaps of their beautiful homes, but I for one respect other people’s privacy and would never dream of just dropping in unannounced or using their homes for our photoshoots. I’m not sure how others, on SL staff or otherwise, feel about this, but it’s a golden rule when visiting Eden. Yes, sometimes I happen to wander into an area which subsequently reveals itself as private, so I tp back on out again ASAP.

Nevertheless, we do try to visit the various sims regularly (IMs from Ella often suggest we revisit this or that place) so I took it on myself to revisit Eden and just remind you how beautiful and expansive the place is.

I spotted that my friend Markus was online, so I invited him over to add some….eye candy (girls! lol 🙂 ) to the snaps.


Markus and I pose on a jetty beside some beautiful yachts moored next to the Eden apartments block (that IS a public are, despite the proximity of the private apartments)

And then we wandered off to a nearby wooden seat, where I manage to look oh, so sullen, lol!


Hmm! Do you think it was something Markus said? ‘C’mon’, he said, ‘let’s have some fun!!!!’

So we got down and dirty in the mud wrestling pool. And…grrr!!!…he beat me!

At least I got my own back by subjecting him to some dancing, and I can say without challenge that Markus is quite possibly the worst dance partner I’ve ever had in SL (sorry mark, but you know it’s true!!! 🙂 )

The obvious point to the post is that, within a very short radius, in Eden public areas, there’s a lot to do. We didn’t try the outdoor gym, take a shower, go jet-skiing or any of the other abundant activities in just a short walk from one another. And at least markus, the big wuss, claiming to be cold, finally, finally got his T shirt off by the time we’d got around to dancing. Maybe he’d warmed up enough, maybe the fact that his tank top was caked in mud was the reason, I don’t know. But it’s clear it’s possible to grab a friend and just have a ball for ages, for fun and for laughs, over at Eden.



The Naked Pumpkin Run (SL version)

Originating at the university in Boulder, Colorado, the Naked Pumpkin Run is another of the many naked runs that take place globally, and on where, at Halloween, students and presumably others indulge in a nude run wearing a hollowed out pumpkin on their head.

While it’s not pure, true naturism, it looks (and seems) like a lot of silly fun, and fun I’d certainly have embraced had I been a student there, or thereabouts.

We know that SL goes a little Halloween crazy at this time of year, with many, many freebies being available, as well as priced items, that reflect all manner of Halloween craziness. With this in mind, I’ve located a pumpkin face, more than a pumpkin head, at Glamorize, for only L$1! I’m determined to organise some sort of naked pumpkin run, if I can, before next week. In the meantime, here’s one of my pals, Dagmar, wearing the pumpkin face in a sort of, kind of replication of the Naked Pumpkin run.



nb: the idea for this came from Ella, prior to her enforced absence from the blog, and I’ve just finished it off as best I can. If we get closer to a proper pumpkin head, we’ll update this post. And if you know where there’s a proper pumpkin head anywhere in SL, let us know so we can properly replicate the Naked Pumpkin run in this and subsequent years! 🙂


Issue 6 : Coming soon

We think, collectively, that we’re just about on track to get Issue 6 of the magazine published on time. That is, for Hallowe’en.

Likely publication date will be October 30th (or 31st, depending on where you live in the world!). It’s all dependent on Ella right now, as she had a couple of pieces in the pipeline that we can see in draft form on the blog’s record, but are ‘unfinished’ in that one just stops seemingly halfway through, and two others destined for Issue 6 may need tidied up, writing wise. We need confirmation of this from Ella prior to us clicking the button that will make them ‘live’ to you, the reader.

On the basis that I’ve been doing this longest, the girls have deferred editorial control to me. I’m a photographer rather than a writer, so it’s a mantle that sits uneasily, but I promise we’ll do all we can to bring you a bumper issue of SLN next week.In the meantime, as is now convention, we trail the magazine’s publication with a series of ‘adverts’ about its imminent arrival. The first in a series of photos (not necessarily one each day, remember) is attached to this post.



Bathrobe (a naturist accessory of sorts)

We’ve not done any naturist accessories of late, so I thought I’d rectify that with a new item you might like to consider, a bathrobe from G&N. It’s L$120, and mesh, but looks terrific.

Why a bathrobe as an accessory? Last winter, being owed some holidays from work in the damp, grey and cold of Londres, :), I flew ‘home’ to France, and to a favourite naturist destination. I packed my bath robe for two reasons. One, the warmth of the south of France was relative, and while the sun and heat exceed that of my adopted home town, it wasn’t overly hot. Maybe 15 degrees by day, and very chilly in the evenings. However I managed to pop the dressing gown over my clothes for another layer of warmth and it was quite cosy in my apartment. Secondly, the resort had an indoor swimming pool which was heated, and so naturist swimming was certainly possible, with most of the residents at that time of year indulging themselves with some swimming au naturel at some point during the day or evening. I even managed a couple of midnight skinny dips, as well as daylight swimming, which was quite magical. The pool area was very well heated, but my goodness it was cold on the 150m walk back to our apartment!

Many residents also indulged in early morning dips, and you would see them walking to and from the pool in their bathrobes, towel over shoulder and bare under their robe.

So when I saw this item, it reminded me of winter naturism, and I just had to have it. It’s available in a variety of colours, but I chose the pink one. There’s some nice fluffy slippers that forms part of the set too.

Even in summer, the early mornings (and I’m very much an early morning person) can be a little chilly until the sun gets going, so you will often see people on terraces in bath robes, with their coffee and maybe their early morning cigarette, until the sun rises enough to get a bit of heat onto their balconies.

The gown reminds me of that winter naturism, and early mornings in summer.



Coffee at NWAT

Well, I’d just got out of the shower and decided to wander downstairs from the SLN office to grab a cup of coffee and a croissant from Jacques, the barista who works the Hotel du Jardin cafe, when I ran into Monika, a German lady now domiciled in Spain and a keen RL naturist. Despite the fact that my hair was wet, meaning I couldn’t -as usual- do a thing with it, and I was feeling a little cold (my T shirt, intended to preserve some core heat, kind of gives it away, lol) I got into conversation with her on some recently placed benches in front of the Hotel, a marvellous place to take in the view.

While SL naturism is in something of a trough, with closures, threats of closures, and no new development, it’s good to know we have a few solid places to visit, and that their owners continue to develop them incrementally. NWAT has a new apartment block, the lofts, built since SLN last reported from it, and we love the pace of the build. Everything familiar, yet new little things that alter the sim and keep it fresh. Well done to Rok for the thoughtful way in which he continues to build this wonderful naturist sim!

Anyway, Monika and I got talking at length, and I’ll come back to her in a subsequent posting with a ‘naturist profile’ report, since she’s actually a very interesting RL naturist.


I also made the acquaintance of Eileen, who I hope to meet up with again, being an interesting lady in her own right. Unfortunately, she was just logged in for the duration of a RL coffee break, and couldn’t stick around to have a chat with us this time.

In the meantime, ‘ladies who lunch’, or in this case, keep Jacques on his toes in constantly refilling our cups of mid-morning coffee, posed for the cameras.



Jo’s Nakie Gym is exactly that. A place to keep in shape during the winter months and keep that beach bod! All nude, of course.

And Vitamen, a shop dedicated to men’s underwear 🙂 also has a spa on the top floor.

We caught up with Henry doing a workout at Vitamen, and then followed him to the Nakie Gym to watch him keep those biceps pumped, and that tum flat.

Sorry for the lack of slurls, but we’re still getting to grips with the dashboard on this blog. Generally, Ella does the mechanics of it all!



Lupe’s to close?

Word reaches us that Lupe’s may be in its final days. Scheduled to close over last weekend, it got a ‘stay of execution’ for another week while its owner, Darkness Papp, figures out what to do next.

(This is where we miss Ella, who zooms around the naturist sims, seems to know everything before it has been officially announced, and is ready with a post on whatever subject is current).

Group messages suggest the decision, as always, is financial. These are hard economic times, folks, and we need to be grateful and supportive of the sims we enjoy and use. That said, Linden Labs could also recognise these are hard economic times and maybe reduce the costs of running a parcel or sim to ensure that builders -and Darkness has built such a beautiful place- aren’t lost to the world we enjoy inhabiting. Throwing real money at a pastime/hobby cannot be sustained indefinitely if there are other pressing economic matters at hand. We’ve all drawn our horns in in our RL ‘disposable income’, and maybe thought twice about eating out, going to the theatre, the cinema, to concerts. I know I have. I know my mind set has changed through this Second Great Depression (which is what it is, but with politicians too cute to declare it as such). Of course, things aren’t just as deep as in 1929, because society now has some sort of support network and social care systems in place, but its as bad, in its own way, as the last one. It’s just a case of working through it without mentioning it. 

Will Lupes survive? Spanish naturist Pablo doesn’t know, and neither do we.


So we need to support Darkness and other builders where we can. We need to ensure the sims we enjoy survive. And we do need to be vocal in demanding LL rethink their economics to ensure their investment, and ours, survives.




….and away again

Just 48 hours after being released from hospital, my mother’s back in again, and I’m going to guess that the proposed on/off heart operation is going to be back on again. As a result, I’m stepping back from the editorship of SL Naturist until this situation seems actually resolved. Pookes, Barbara and Harry will helm the show for the foreseeable future. I don’t expect to be back before Christmas now, however this goes, so Issue 6 (Halloween) will fall to them, as will Issue 7 (Christmas), as well as it being in their hands to keep the blog ticking over on a daily basis.



I’m back

Thanks for bearing with me during a difficult period in my real life. I’m happy to report that, for now, my mother is out of hospital, and minor (as much as any operation is minor for a woman in her 70s) heart surgery is pending. But for now all is good.

I’d also like to thank Harry for bravely keeping the blog going during a period of enforced absence, and I know that if there’s a repeat, under any circumstances, the blog will be in good hands.

So…it’s back to the important issue of blogging naturist news in SL for me now. I see from my inbox that I’ve got quite a few articles to plough through. I can’t promise to get these all published immediately. After a fortnight’s flying (yes, flying!) between one part of the UK and another, keeping bedside vigils, driving, organising and so on, I’m feeling exhausted right now, but at least I can get back to my favourite type of relaxation -SL- again.

Oh! And I think the time has come to make Harry the official assistant editor of the blog, as well as photographer in chief. Which means I’ve got room, I think, for a new assistant photographer. If you’re a naturist, understand genuine naturist values, like taking SL photos, have some good photo editing software, etc etc, drop me a line.