New (free) art from Susan Paquot at Su Casa

I’m always excited to see new things at the places we frequent, and one of the things I’ve wanted to report is an art display at Su Casa by Susan Paquot, who has assembled a beautiful selection of images, all free, but you might wish to make a donation to Su Casa’s running costs if you make a ‘purchase’. These will look fabulous on the walls of your SL home!.

My favourites are ‘Fall Sunrise’, positioned over my right shoulder in the pic, and ‘Goddess’, positioned over my left shoulder. I think I need to make an executive decision here, while Ella’s not on the grid, and purchase some of these (and, of course, make a donation to Su Casa) for the SL Naturist offices.



One thought on “New (free) art from Susan Paquot at Su Casa

  1. This section WAS intended to be part of the ‘SL naturism into art’ article that the front cover of Issue 6 promises. Unfortunately, left to my own devices, I can cock up all too readily. My apologies to all concerned for not tagging this for Issue 6 and pushing it forward as part of the ‘part 2’ of the new issue.


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