How d’ya like the barmaid?

OK….this is a short term fix. I’m Emmanuelle (or Emma), who used to write the Sensual Second Life (later, 2EX) blogs, which are now closed. And I gave it up because it was far too time consuming to actually have a Second Life! But sometimes favours get call in, tee hee, and Howie, SLN’s publisher, asked me if I’d like to help out, on a very short term basis (now until the new year) while Ella -who used to write for me over at that blog- deals with RL. All we can say is get well soon, Ella, and ditto to your Mom.

On the basis that El was a good SL friend, who I really don’t see enough of in SL due to different SL times anymore, I’ve agreed to Howie’s (ouch!) gentle persuasion and said I’ll add the odd post in the interim, and keep the quota of SLN staff up to expected levels.

I’m not in it for the long term but, hey, El an Howie are SL friends, and I’m glad to be able to help out.

These days, I don’t get into SL regularly, but I still enjoy the circus it sometimes is, and of course I’ve followed El and Howie’s exploits since I retired from the blogosphere (and ‘sold’ SSL/2EX to Howie).

And, yeah, I still like to have my clothes off in SL as much as when I ran my own blog. So this is a brief diversion from the pleasure of just having a SL when I choose, and it’s all done by New Year’s Eve. Right, Howie?

I dropped into the Nudity Where Art Thou sim and poked around for a while, and discovered one location that I don’t see having been written about in SLN, and that’s the ‘Starkers’ Pub. So, do you think Rocketman Westinghouse might employ me as his new barmaid?

I’ll be back with the occasional piece between now and Christmas, but I ain’t putting on a Santa hat. No way. Nuh-huh. Am I? Howie? Howie?


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