Coffee with Monika

Ella holds great faith in ‘replicating RL naturism’, as anyone who read her ‘Postcards from Spain’ series will know. Each day, she would attempt to replicate a scene from her RL naturist holidays within SL. It made for interesting reading, as well as an insight into the events and thought processes going on in a RL naturist location.

I have to say that that’s the premise behind this post. While it’s mature avatar Monika who does the posing, it’s a scene I can readily identify with as I do it too. And that is to make that early morning cup of coffee and step out onto the balcony of my naturist apartment/mobile home/luxury tent/motorhome (delete as necessary…I’ve experienced all of them in a naturist environment) and take in the dawning of a new day.

Monika confesses she does the same, resident in a home only yards from a naturist beach, so we got her to pose (at Su Casa) with her early morning mug of coffee, gazing out into an ocean about to release the full warmth of the first sun of the day, and the adventure of the day that lies ahead.


A photo session with Judy, No.2

Following our meeting and quick photo session in a public street in what looks like New York or Boston, Judy and I made our way over to a photo studio on the Nudity Where Art Thou sim.

It was more relaxing being nude there because nudity is permitted, so we decided to utilise a couple of new poses I’d located, Judy picked them up, and we began work.

Sexy? Glamour? LOL, the photos show the hard work of being a naturist/glamour photographer 🙂

A couple of overview shots first to give you an idea of how workaday this all is.

And then getting onto the actual shots themselves, we have one of the overview of the shot, and then the shot from my perspective.

There were many more shots and poses, of course, but I’ve decided to just stick with the one pose, otherwise it all gets to look the same.

Finally, after some editing and post-production, we come to the final shot itself.

I’m really pleased with it, and I know Judy is too. So, each time you look at one of my photos on SLN, remember there are dozens more behind it that lead up to the one you’ll maybe look at and admire!


A photo session with Judy

So how does a fugly guy like me ‘get all the girls’? 🙂

LOL. I spend a lot of my time in SL’s photo studios and pose shops looking for backdrops, poses, etc. And I do meet girls, and guys, who are there to poses, maybe for a profile photo of their own, and I get talking to them.

Of course, some women are wary that you’re hitting on them, and some guys too, being quick to assert that they ‘aren’t gay’. And that’s the thing. I’m not hitting on them, girls or guys, and I’ll quickly state my credentials as a photographer, show them examples of work, and my admiration for their well turned out avatar, male or female.

Many people, as a result, do pose for me. Look, SL is fun and relaxation, and I do get a great kick out of presenting someone with a profile pic, a portfolio of shots or whatever that makes them go ‘wow!’. There’s no hidden agenda. They don’t have to sleep with me in order to get what I think is a terrific shot or shots of them.

After the rigours of a hard day at work, there’s nothing better than to kick back and chill out in SL, and if I can help someone achieve ‘a look’, then there’s great satisfaction in that.

Of course, I do get my share of SLaps in the face 🙂 People will, can and do say no, sometimes very firmly 🙂 But if you’re on a naturist sim, you know that the people there aren’t indisposed to being bare in public. The only thing is whether they’ll be bare for a blog!

I guess that my work for SLN shows that a proportion of avis will pose for the camera, for the blog. And almost without exception, they’ll be really pleased with the results, so I’m happy with that outcome. And my ‘work’ does lead to friendships and avis, guys and girls, who’ll re-pose if asked once my credentials are firmly established.

And that’s how this session with Judy started out. I constantly scour the grid for what I regard as nice locations, not necessarily naturist. I suppose in a sense these fail to fulfil Ella’s definition of ‘genuine naturism’, sometimes being more in the line of ‘glamour’ shots. That’s a discussion for another day, I suppose.

Judy was at the I ❤ Fashion Boutique when I happened upon her. (See what I did there? Finally cracked how to link a slurl, lol). If you’re going to do a sim and make it look terrific, well start there. It looks fabulous in it s autumnal colours (see how British I was  there? Never mentioned ‘fall colors’ once 🙂 ) and a lesson in how to have a ‘wow!’ factor before visitors have even begun to shop.

Of course, having popped off a couple of shots of her hanging out, the topic of naturism/nudity does come up, and…well…you know…how about….?

Happily, Judy agreed to strip off right there in the street and we quickly set up another couple of shots that are kind of ‘artistic nude’, more than glamour.

Judy looks beautiful in a beautiful setting, don’t you think? I was pleased with the results, Judy was pleased with the results, and from that we went on to do a further session, more glamour than artistic, and that will be the topic of my next post, A photo session with Judy, No.2. Click the link to carry yourself on through to that session.