A photo session with Judy, No.2

Following our meeting and quick photo session in a public street in what looks like New York or Boston, Judy and I made our way over to a photo studio on the Nudity Where Art Thou sim.

It was more relaxing being nude there because nudity is permitted, so we decided to utilise a couple of new poses I’d located, Judy picked them up, and we began work.

Sexy? Glamour? LOL, the photos show the hard work of being a naturist/glamour photographer 🙂

A couple of overview shots first to give you an idea of how workaday this all is.

And then getting onto the actual shots themselves, we have one of the overview of the shot, and then the shot from my perspective.

There were many more shots and poses, of course, but I’ve decided to just stick with the one pose, otherwise it all gets to look the same.

Finally, after some editing and post-production, we come to the final shot itself.

I’m really pleased with it, and I know Judy is too. So, each time you look at one of my photos on SLN, remember there are dozens more behind it that lead up to the one you’ll maybe look at and admire!


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