Coffee with Monika

Ella holds great faith in ‘replicating RL naturism’, as anyone who read her ‘Postcards from Spain’ series will know. Each day, she would attempt to replicate a scene from her RL naturist holidays within SL. It made for interesting reading, as well as an insight into the events and thought processes going on in a RL naturist location.

I have to say that that’s the premise behind this post. While it’s mature avatar Monika who does the posing, it’s a scene I can readily identify with as I do it too. And that is to make that early morning cup of coffee and step out onto the balcony of my naturist apartment/mobile home/luxury tent/motorhome (delete as necessary…I’ve experienced all of them in a naturist environment) and take in the dawning of a new day.

Monika confesses she does the same, resident in a home only yards from a naturist beach, so we got her to pose (at Su Casa) with her early morning mug of coffee, gazing out into an ocean about to release the full warmth of the first sun of the day, and the adventure of the day that lies ahead.


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