Domaine tout Nu

Normally, this would be Ella’s…er…domain, bringing you the first reports of new sims for you to visit, explore and enjoy. In her absence, it looks as though first news of Domaine Tout Nu, a sister sim to Nudity Where Art Thou, has fallen to me. I won’t add a slurl to its location, as the Domaine is only open to members of the NWAT group, Societe de Nudistes Insouciant, before being able to access it. In other words, establish your naturist credentials! Which is fine and dandy with me, with us at SLN, because it means we don’t have noobs sporting unrealistic and erect penises running around the place. As Ella’s mantra runs, ‘genuine naturism’!!!!

The Domaine was open to the public over the weekend, however, while the Pajama Party was on (what do you mean, you missed it? We advertised it, which just goes to show you simply have to keep up to date with the grid’s naturist goings on via SL Naturist).

I have to admit I did miss the Pajama Party, as most of the staff here at SL Naturist did too, on account of it being the dead of night, European time, and its 5pm SL time start is just a little too late for those of us who are working. I’ve decided that what we need at SL naturist is an insomniac or a north American correspondent to report on the exciting things we sometimes miss.

As usual with Rok’s builds, the Domaine is stunning, and has a Carribean kind of vibe, with its tiki-styled  built on water beach houses, and a fantastic kind of beach vibe. Rok’s something of a Francophile, so if you think of NWAT as being a more French homeland build, an SL equivalent to a mainland French naturist resort like Arna, or maybe Cap D’Agde (without the sordid exhibitionism that has overtaken the RL Agde), then I guess we can view the Domaine as a French ’empire’ outpost. The vibe would definitely put me in mind of St. Martin, and the Club Orient naturist resort there. And it’s made stunning by the little attention to detail in the build, the lights hanging off branches on the beach and so on. I liked it a lot.

Rok has also built a third, adult, sim, which I may visit and report on. Yes, yes, I do remember Ella’s mantra, but again Rok has an instinctive grasp of what modern naturism is about, and that it does have room for some sexual element. I note the appearance in one of my favourite RL naturist locations of a swingers bar recently, and while that isn’t my or Ella’s idea of ‘genuine naturism’, a family orientated lifestyle, I do acknowledge that there are those who pose as naturists, and who may actually be genuine naturists, who harbour exhibitionist and ‘swinging’ tendencies. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe I should get a couple of volunteers to report on this adult sim of Rok’s, lol.

Why would we report on it here? Well, we do have a page that can cater for sims of a ‘naturist with sexual content’ variety. It’s fairly sparse right now 🙂 and I guess Ella doesn’t encourage us to report much from these locations. Besides, I think we’re all fairly happy doing the reporting we do from ‘genuine’ locations. But the page is there, and maybe now is the time to add to and update that page. Volunteers?

I had the Domaine to myself. Hardly surpising, given the time I visited, in European late afternoon, but I took a variety of photos to give you a feel for the place.

Jus d’orange or jus de tomate, monsieur?

My filthy habit with my favourite brand!

Relaxing on the beach

‘If this was NWAT, Remy Martin would have served me by now!!!!’

Catching up on my favourite magazine, SL Naturist

The sign says it all

Time to chill in the jacuzzi

Working up a sweat at Domaine tout Nu’s sauna


Happy birthday to us!!!!!!!

SL Naturist is celebrating our first birthday. It was November 10th that Ella, dressed in a business suit(!) announced the blog/mag’s presence in the blogosphere.  In that year we’ve produced close to 300 posts, many, many photographs and endeavoured to keep you up to date with all that’s going on in the world of SL naturism.

So, on that note, here’s a pic of me enjoying some birthday cake 🙂 Here’s to our 2nd anniversary, another 300 posts, and another fantastic year’s virtual (and for some of us, real) naturism in front of us!




Hi! Remember me?

Today is the first time I’ve got inworld in eight weeks. In that time I’ve done a lot of driving and flying, as my mother remains in hospital, and my life is rather dominated by the fact. Currently, there’s no end in sight to the situation, and I would re-state my intention to continue absenting myself from the blog until, perhaps, Christmas or the New Year. Reaching exhaustion/bursting point, I’ve also succumbed to illness myself, simply worn out by the stresses and responsibilities associated with my current situation. I know my ‘moan’ isn’t what you come to read, but I did want to provide an update. I’d just like to add my thanks to Pookes, Harry and Barbara for taking on the lion’s share of keeping the blog running in my absence, and from what I’ve seen in just a quick flick through what has appeared in my absence looks terrific. Thank you all. I’m also rather surprised, and delighted, to discover my old ‘boss’, Emma, is helping to fill in in my absence. Someone, somewhere, has great powers of persuasion 😉

I will be back at some stage, but I’m just not sure when.