Hi! Remember me?

Today is the first time I’ve got inworld in eight weeks. In that time I’ve done a lot of driving and flying, as my mother remains in hospital, and my life is rather dominated by the fact. Currently, there’s no end in sight to the situation, and I would re-state my intention to continue absenting myself from the blog until, perhaps, Christmas or the New Year. Reaching exhaustion/bursting point, I’ve also succumbed to illness myself, simply worn out by the stresses and responsibilities associated with my current situation. I know my ‘moan’ isn’t what you come to read, but I did want to provide an update. I’d just like to add my thanks to Pookes, Harry and Barbara for taking on the lion’s share of keeping the blog running in my absence, and from what I’ve seen in just a quick flick through what has appeared in my absence looks terrific. Thank you all. I’m also rather surprised, and delighted, to discover my old ‘boss’, Emma, is helping to fill in in my absence. Someone, somewhere, has great powers of persuasion 😉

I will be back at some stage, but I’m just not sure when.


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