Update to my ‘vintage’ page

One of the ‘advantages’ of having editing rights to the blog (although I’d still prefer Ella to be sitting in the big chair, and letting me work in my comfort zone) is that I can see what people are searching for when they stumble onto or into the blog. And one of the things that has made a regular appearance during my tenure as an acting editor is that I can see that one of the search terms that turns up is ‘1950s naturist’.

I can see the appeal. In more strait-laced times, naturism would have had a much more daring aspect to it than it does 60 years later. And I guess that was the era of ‘nudist camps’ and ‘nudism’ more than naturism as we know it today. Photos of smiling people innocently playing with beach balls.

Inspired by this revelation, I’ve decided to update my Vintage page, and offer up a selection of new photos that are intended to capture a sense of 1950s naturism. Borrowing a friend to model for me, and stopping only for her to buy a 1950s hairstyle and swimsuit (quickly abandoned!), we hopped on over to the Image Essentials sim, and rezzed a boat scene. Many, many photos later, the fruits of our labours can be seen over at that page. Naturism, kind of, but also glamour in the poses. I think that’s perfectly fine, given that 1950s naturist photography often looks very staged for the camera.


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