Issue 6: Reinvention

One of the things I’ve found at this time of year is that my mind starts to wandering onto the topic of ‘a new look’. There’s just so many snowy sims you can visit, and it isn’t terribly warm being a naturist is the proliferation of SL snow, so I do begin to think about ‘a new look’ and reinventing myself for a new year. The blog may well suffer a similar fate with a total re-design, I’m not sure yet.

Reinvention doesn’t necessarily mean a radical overhaul. Essentially I’ll maybe adopt a new hairstyle, if I can find one I like, adopt a new ‘my outfit’ that places me in a set of casual clothes for shopping expeditions, I’ll change my glasses and so on.


This is the full extent of Ella’s planned introduction to a piece on reinventing the avatar, basically that with a new year comes a new look. We picked up the idea and opted to flesh it out for Issue 6.

One of our friends, Rosie, had decided on a total makeover for herself, so we grabbed a photo of her current avi look at Emotions Hair Salon while she opted for a new style. That took a while because we girls can be picky about how our hair looks.

Once she’d selected a style she liked we nipped on over to Not Buttons skins who have a selection of excellent, excellent free skins. Very natural and realistic free skins. Oh, and we got some new clothes to alter Rosie’s style, too. Total cost was, I think L$250, just for the hair.

After that, it’s back to the beach to enjoy a bit of sunbathing in the company of a fried, and show off her new look. We think she looks fabulous!

But what has this got to do with naturism? Our point is that some research into skins shows it’s possible to look fantastic for next to nothing when wearing, ah, next to nothing. Our skin is our main item of wear, our birthday suit, in naturism, and it’s something we can do well to choose carefully. Incidentally, while wandering Emotions with Rosie, we encountered an absolutely gorgeous nude avatar casually choosing hair. You go, girl! 

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