Real life, replicated

Another of my occasional attempts to replicate a RL naturist photo in the confines of SL.

My model managed to pick up a free straw hat at Plausible Body (lots of Open Price clothes to be had there) and we popped her down on the beach to replicate the photo taken from real life. I hope you like it.




Occasional SLN contributor Pierre offers his thoughts on the art of swimming, and focuses on his favourite SL pool, at Eden Naturopolis

I like pools. I spend some time, twice a week, at my RL equivalent, which has indoor and outdoor options. Even at this time of year, with a frost on the ground, there’s still a simple pleasure to be had in trawling from an indoor section through to an outdoor one and looking up at the stars on a clear, crisp November night. In summer, I do the same. Unfortunately most of this is undertaken in a textile (clothed) environment. Only occasionally will I get the opportunity for naturist swimming, when on holiday. When in SL I do like to explore for swimming pools. I think I’m just drawn to the whole culture surrounding it, just as I was when I was a smoker. It wasn’t just a craving for a cigarette, it was the chance to open a fresh pack, smell the tobacco, have that oh-so-sweet cigarette after a meal. I managed to kick that habit and replace it with something else I obsess about: swimming. The smell of chlorine, the invigorating shower beforehand, the hot shower afterwards, the gentle music piped into the changing rooms. Maybe I’m just a bit OCD!

SL does have a sim containing many swimming pools, of course, at Siggy’s Waterworks Island. The place isn’t naturist, so I have to don a pair of speedos for my meanderings there, in and out of the water. Club QQ also has a nice swimming pool complex. But, as in RL where everything seems secondary after the experience of nude swimming, I do like to let my hair down at Eden Naturopolis’s pool. Such a wonderful, imaginative construction! Elbag and Brenda do marvellous work in every tiny element of their series of naturist paradise sims, but let me walk you through the tiny detail of this. One, it’s located next to the outdoor gym. After some weight training, it’s possible to relocate in a few steps to the jacuzzi for a warm-down of sorts. The pool has two sloped entrances, and very importantly the water is around chest high, rahter than unrealistically going over your head leaving you wandering around on the pool’s floor with air about 2m above! Important? Yeah. I like realism, and some pools are built by being ridiculously deep and requiring flight to get out, so simply standing, then walking out is such a simple, well thought pleasure. And to swim? I just attach my swim-ball. Don’t have one? Pick one up free at Summerdreams. You’ll find the slurl for it on our pages.

What I love about the Eden pool is that I don’t have to actually socialise or converse or interact. The whole thing is so well put together that I can simply play SL for a time, untroubled by others or the lack of others. It offers enough to create an interest over a long period of time.

I’ve taken some photographs of me doing my thing at the Eden Naturopolis sim, and I suggest if you’ve some free time that you maybe indulge yourself for a time at this gorgeous location within an equally gorgeous entity.

Even the rubber rings are set properly, ensuring a realistic sit in them, with your bottom stuck down through the ring.