Winter Swimming

SL is getting all dressed up for winter in general and Christmas in particular. There’s lots of snow everywhere, and this reminded me that I read an article online recently about a group based in the Ukraine who had their own swimming club who swam regularly in the Dneiper River, right through a harsh Ukrainian winter. 

Brrrrr!!!! I couldn’t imagine swimming in the English Channel (La Manche, if you’re in France), the body of water closest to my home, in summer, let alone the depths of an eastern European winter, so I can only admire their hardiness and pluck.

With SL decked in white, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, and so I explored some sims, found a suitable river location, grabbed a couple of SL model friends, and we did a few shots until they retreated from the water and into warm towels and hot brandy to thaw out.

It was an interesting shoot, because the river location offered a different perspective. Usually, SL sims will be located with with a coastal, beach perspective, so this made for something ‘different’, as did the different kind of light offered in a sim predominantly white. 


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