Pizza punky pair

We’ve all been there. A night out, and rolling home slightly drunk, when we decide we need pizza or, more probably in the UK, kebab or curry (although pizza works for us too).

It rather looks like our friends Jax and Podge have had a busy night!

Podge claims to work in the pizzeria. Whether Rok actually has her on his books as an employee is anyone’s guess! Maybe it’s cash in hand. Who knows?

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos of Podge working in the NWAT pizzeria (let’s hope the US IRS or UK HMRC don’t get wind of this!) at midnight. Or that Jax is the delivery driver.

In their defence, they’re both students, so it’s probably OK, they aren’t earning over the legal limit prior to taxes applying.

Jax waits by her scooter for someone to appear to pay for delivery!

Podge chows down on the last slice of pepperoni!

Podge behind the counter, rolling out some pizza dough

Podge takes another order

Shift over, Podge awaits Jax, so they can go round to Starkers Pub for a drink

Yeah, well, still waiting, because Jax has been delayed, trying to get payment from a customer who isn’t, apparently, at home 🙂

After a busy shift, Podge scoffs the remains of an undelivered pizza (oops! Rok may well be investigating the ‘wastage’ in the stocks) before retiring to Starkers pub for a winding-down glass of beer (vodka for Jax)

And it looks like Jax’s last delivery -I love her 50cc motor scooter- was at the Hotel du Jardin. Ah! That’ll be mine. But I, er, got called away -blame Harry- so wasn’t in when she called. Oops! What to do? Pay up or risk non delivery next time I’m in the SLN offices?

I think I’d better pay up! It would be awful to find they didn’t deliver next time we’re in a late night editorial meeting.


Reinvention again

Back in Issue 6, we covered the topic of reinvention, expanding on a short piece by Ella in which she suggested that this is the time of year for it. Indeed it is. And I think, as much as facing the new year with a new look is part of the deal, so too is the fact that we get inundated with free gifts at this time of year (tis the season to be giving, tra-lalalalala and all of that). So now’s an ideal time to think about reinvention or, if you’re a newbie, or only thinking about joining SL, diving right in, because you will be able to create a wonderful looking avi for nothing, or next to nothing, thanks to the largesse of SL’s designers in the Christmas season.

That’s all fine and good, but some of us get wedded to how we look, to the extent that a total reinvention isn’t likely. But subtle changes are. I managed to pick up a free skin at the Mar store I liked, and unless I see something remarkable in the short term, I’ve decided to reinvent by going backwards, and ‘let my hair down’. I’ve spent much of 2012 with it scraped back into a little ponytail, but I’ve decided to ‘get back’ to how I looked, more or less, in 2011.

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot, or even anything. Sometimes, a little experimentation with the inventory, and the rediscovery of past purchases, can re-define your avatar look for a while. In my case, I’ve pretty much got my 2013 look together 🙂



Nitroglobus Gallery

Something a little diferent today, as I’ve rounded up Mal, cover star of SLN Issue 6, to do a few poses at the Nitroglobus Gallery, where an exhibition featuring the work of Jade du Fhang and Dido Haas is on for the months of November and December. Not strictly ‘naturist’, but Dido’s photography features ‘the nude’, so we can assume that Dido’s work is kind of naturist friendly. More to the point, it’s an expression of RL creativity being brought into SL, and I’ve a tendency to admire these crossovers. Here’s what the exhibition has to say.

JadeYu Fhang is a RL artist from Paris, France. She followed drawing classes at the Fine Arts School of Paris and attended the Applied Arts School.

For JadeYu there’s no split between the “virtual” universe, and the “real” one. In her opinion each of them creates inner confusion, exults and feeds itself from the other. From this perspective the pictures she takes in SL could materialize thanks to their printing on real canvas, recalling an effect of texture we see on RL paintings.
Her approach is to give the opportunity to wander over these two worlds where dream (captured by blurred and abstract techniques) and reality are completing each other.

The installation ‘Dark Journey’ on display here at Nitroglobus Gallery during the months of November and December shows the inner struggle with these 2 worlds of the artist and the emptiness that sometimes exists in both. The emphasis in this installation is on abyssm. Leap into the dark…..

Enjoy the installation and the art on our walls!

The notecard also links on through to Jade’s own sim, which is also well worth checking out, as it offers a spectacular different kind of landscape. The images on the walls of the Nitroglobus gallery are probably subject to copyright, so I’ve tried not to focus on them too much, despite them being the very thing I’d have loved to have blogged. Both Jade and Dido’s work are both worthy of your attention, I have to say.

Therefore, the artworks are heavily edited in the photos, to protect the copyright holder, and, well, it’s a naturist magazine, so Mal’s smiling face will have to be an equally attractive foreground, lol. But please do take a visit for something very new and unique as an SL experience, and do pay attention to the backgrounds in these photos of Mal.


Texas Nudist Club

Billing itself as ‘SL’s newest nudist location’, Texas Nudist Club are correct. They (currently) are!

I have to say that it was a sloooooooowww rez, but worth the effort since it eventually revealed itself as a bright, cheery looking sim with an emphasis on a closely built location offering a variety of beach, dance floor and bar facilities we expect to find in a naturist place. I’m not sure if it was my connection or SL misbehaving, but the slow rez was slightly frustrating, and I’ll need to re-check that to see if it reveals its full splendour quicker in the future.

No one around when we popped in with Jaco, our model for the day, so it was difficult to ascertain what sort of crowd it might attract, but it’s certainly a cosy little sim that will inevitably have an emphasis on sociability. It’s certainly somewhere we’d say is worth adding to your bookmarks immediately, and we’ll try to offer a larger and more comprehensive report whenever we’ve managed to talk to some of the owners and guests. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of Jaco in its surroundings 🙂