Pizza punky pair

We’ve all been there. A night out, and rolling home slightly drunk, when we decide we need pizza or, more probably in the UK, kebab or curry (although pizza works for us too).

It rather looks like our friends Jax and Podge have had a busy night!

Podge claims to work in the pizzeria. Whether Rok actually has her on his books as an employee is anyone’s guess! Maybe it’s cash in hand. Who knows?

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos of Podge working in the NWAT pizzeria (let’s hope the US IRS or UK HMRC don’t get wind of this!) at midnight. Or that Jax is the delivery driver.

In their defence, they’re both students, so it’s probably OK, they aren’t earning over the legal limit prior to taxes applying.

Jax waits by her scooter for someone to appear to pay for delivery!

Podge chows down on the last slice of pepperoni!

Podge behind the counter, rolling out some pizza dough

Podge takes another order

Shift over, Podge awaits Jax, so they can go round to Starkers Pub for a drink

Yeah, well, still waiting, because Jax has been delayed, trying to get payment from a customer who isn’t, apparently, at home 🙂

After a busy shift, Podge scoffs the remains of an undelivered pizza (oops! Rok may well be investigating the ‘wastage’ in the stocks) before retiring to Starkers pub for a winding-down glass of beer (vodka for Jax)

And it looks like Jax’s last delivery -I love her 50cc motor scooter- was at the Hotel du Jardin. Ah! That’ll be mine. But I, er, got called away -blame Harry- so wasn’t in when she called. Oops! What to do? Pay up or risk non delivery next time I’m in the SLN offices?

I think I’d better pay up! It would be awful to find they didn’t deliver next time we’re in a late night editorial meeting.


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