Texas Nudist Club

Billing itself as ‘SL’s newest nudist location’, Texas Nudist Club are correct. They (currently) are!

I have to say that it was a sloooooooowww rez, but worth the effort since it eventually revealed itself as a bright, cheery looking sim with an emphasis on a closely built location offering a variety of beach, dance floor and bar facilities we expect to find in a naturist place. I’m not sure if it was my connection or SL misbehaving, but the slow rez was slightly frustrating, and I’ll need to re-check that to see if it reveals its full splendour quicker in the future.

No one around when we popped in with Jaco, our model for the day, so it was difficult to ascertain what sort of crowd it might attract, but it’s certainly a cosy little sim that will inevitably have an emphasis on sociability. It’s certainly somewhere we’d say is worth adding to your bookmarks immediately, and we’ll try to offer a larger and more comprehensive report whenever we’ve managed to talk to some of the owners and guests. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of Jaco in its surroundings 🙂


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