The 12 days before Christmas

Beginning on Friday, December 14th, and running for 12 days (concluding on Christmas Day itself) we’re planning to bring you ‘The 12 days before Christmas’, featuring a dozen ‘babes’ -some new, some we’ve featured before- in a kind of Christmas countdown, with each ‘babe’ (and remember! guys can be hotties too! 🙂 ).december calendar

As a ‘taster’, Harry has printed up a ‘December 2012’ calendar featuring Karen, who you’ll see more of in the ’12 Babes’ series 🙂 , photographed while he was setting up the shoot with her. You can save this pic and use it as a wallpaper if you so desire!

More to come, and at least one of the babes will feature inside Issue 7, and I think we can safely identify December 20/21 as the publication for the Christmas/New Year issue of SLN.