Modesty panels

I’d never really heard about ‘modesty panels’ until reader Roberta contacted us about something we might like to include on the Naturist Accessories page.

This goes to show just how much of a fashionista I am, and why my preferred clothing is a birthday suit! 🙂

But this…A-modesty-panel-which-obs-006

…shows what a modesty panel is. Essentially a bit of cloth that is sewn into clothes to create some ‘modesty’, in the instance above, less cleavage on display. And they must have been around a long time, because an SL sim is doing lace versions from the 15th and 19th centuries. Roberta sent us a slurp and some photos, and you can see them on the Naturist Accessories page (scroll to the bottom). And how do they fit the bill as naturist accessories? Naturist ladies do love to dress up in the evening, and this (probably with a lace bra on underneath), a white skirt and pumps sounds like it would be very typical naturist evening wear.

Naturally, I had to try out the effect, and the result is below (although I left off my bra, not to be a bit of an exhibitionist, but because the modesty panels and brassieres are undershirt layers, with one cancelling the other out). Here I am at NWAT, awaiting a smartly turned out dinner companion. Sadly, I got a scruffy looking fella in scruffy looking bermuda shirts and a tank top instead 🙂 Didn’t I, H?

pookes modesty_001cPookes


Deck the hall!

I’m back at my desk in SL, after what feels like weeks of uncertainty and, ultimately, sadness. I’m buoyed by the fact that my mother got to know and enjoy her grandchildren, and her spirit lives on in them, and in me. In RL terms the empty chair will be difficult at Christmas, but life goes on, and with this in mind I’ve had a busy SL day so far, firstly assembling the staff for a group photograph, and then decorating the office for the season.

Barbara and I spent a while putting the SLN office tree up, and doing our best to ignore the Christmas music on the radio! And now, for the rest of the day, it’s a case of putting Issue 7 of SLN together for publication this day fortnight.ella santa_001decorate office_001decorate office3_001

It feels good to be back. While SL is a game of sorts, and I’ve never physically met the staff, I regard them as friends, and enjoy the times we share in world, living out a fantasy existence and having fun in ‘down time’.