The hangover after the night before :)

Ho ho ho! (as Saint Nicholas says!)

But in this case ho! ho ho! at others’ misfortune, namely a raging hangover that has kicked in at 4pm.

I popped over to Howie’s after the party I flagged up  a couple of days ago in SL.

It was 4pm, and I found a rather miserable Howie sitting on his balcony, surround by the detritus of the previous evening. howie hungover1_001howie hungover4_001‘Uhhhhhhhh!’ he groaned, ‘what happened last night?’

‘I wasn’t there’, I scolded, ‘as I had RL committments. But it looks like you’ve had quite a night….’

‘Promise me never to hold another party ever again’.

‘Is that after the one you’ve already promised to hold on New Year’s Eve?’

‘Ohhhh…..when did that happen?’

Tee hee! He hasn’t made that promise, readers, but now he thinks he has! And I’m free on New Year’s Eve for a bit of the evening, so I’m hoping to swing an invite to that one! 🙂

‘Never mind. I believe Harry was here all night, taking incriminating photos’

‘Uhhhhhhhh……’ he moaned again. ‘Oh no. Get me Harry on IM will you?’

‘I’m not your secretary. Neither am I your cleaner, but I’m going to make you some coffee and tidy up a bit.’

I made him some turkish coffee to try and shake the hangover off, then encouraged him to wander down to the water’s edge still in his dark glasses.hangover9_001

‘It’s cold, I’m shivering, I’m tired’ he moaned some more.

Serves him right! 🙂



Updos and other comments about hair

An IM from an SLN reader challenges us on why none of our models wear their hair up (or in an ‘updo’ as the hair designers of SL put it). ‘Surely’, she suggests, ‘women with long hair tend to wear it up when swimming, naturist or not’. In my defence, I’ll say I’ve worn mine in a scraped back tight bun/ponytail for most of 2012, but your point is well made and taken.

With this in mind, Ella and Areola have been scouring the grid for suitable swimming ‘updos’ to wear in future posts where swimming is involved. We do try to reflect RL in an accurate way, and of course we tend to wear our hair ‘up’, naturist or not, on the beach. There’s a practicality to it, since we sometimes wander into the sea for the purpose of cooling down, rather than indulge in energetic swimming, and getting salt water (or chlorinated swimming pool water, for that matter) in our hair makes it sticky and hard to comb out without a proper shampooing. Wearing it up means our hair is sometimes saved, by and large, from the ravages of water. And it means we have some level of presentability when we let it down, whereas if we let fully wet hair dry, without shampooing, it ends up looking like we’ve been in some sort of wild night out, had a fight, and have then slept in a hedge all night! 🙂 Not a good look, ladies!

Barbara has short hair anyway, so she can get away with ‘as she is’, but Areola and Ella offer us their own ‘updo’ looks, for the sake of accuracy.areola updo_001ella updo_002

(Ella adds…’For the sake of accuracy and realism in the photo, I’ve taken off my glasses. In RL, it would render my feet a meaningless blur 🙂 This is fine if I’m going into water from a sandy beach. A pebbled one would be purgatory for me to walk over, not knowing where I’m going’)

Another IM not so much challenges us as berates us for wearing pubic hair. Hmm, well, it’s our Second Lives, reader, and we do try to reflect our real lives. And it would seem that we all, Ella, Barbara, Areola and myself, tend to the ‘natural’ look. It is what it is. It’s….us! You will probably notice that many of our models opt for a shaved look, probably reflective of their RL. It’s their choice, and we don’t ask questions or make demands on them being natural or shaved. And it’s none of our damned business how or why they choose to adopt the pubic look they do.