Skin Diving! ;)

Here’s something you definitely want to try, over at Teresa’s Naked Dreams location. As many of you will know, Tess had a big hand in the running of Buffy’s Cove, and replicated it almost exactly -with refinements and improvements- on the Eden Naturist Estate.

Tess is known for quirky and exciting little additions, and this is another of them, as it allows for some…err…skin diving! 😉 at Naked Dreams. Tess is also a blogger, so add her blog to your reading list, too.

While slowly breast stroking around the warm shallow waters that surround Naked Dreams, you can observe a rich variety of marine life, as the photos demonstrate, and although the photos do show off what’s on show, the real, full effect can only be experienced by visiting Naked Dreamsskindiving2skindiving3

I’ve blown this one up to full size, as I wanted to properly show off the little details that make Tess’s builds so wonderful.

Note the bubbles coming from model Hanna’s mouth, just as they would in RL. It’s this sort of attention to detail that make Tess’s build so terrifically enjoyable.

It has to be said that Elbag and Brenda, owners of Eden, also show a similar attention to detail around their estate.skindiving4skindiving6skindiving1