Hang up my bikini

A familiar sight at RL naturist beaches will be the group of friends who arrive, probably mid-afternoon, and set up camp until sundown.

You often see them in European naturist places, often a couple of couples, or a gaggle of girls, making their way to the plage or playa, carrying enough apparent equipment to set up a small camp. Because that’s what they do. The beach umbrellas go up, towels are laid out, cool boxes placed in the shade, bags opened to reveal sun tan lotion, books, pieces of fruit and so on.

And then they begin to undress. Under the shapeless sundress may be nothing at all. More often than not it’s a bikini. On the naturist beach? Yes.

I have a theory that people are so laid back in parts of Europe that they set out to go to ‘the beach’. If they happen to find a parking place at a textile beach, that’s how they’ll spend the afternoon -maybe in a bikini or topless. If the best parking is beside the naturist beach, well….let’s just all go nude!

Many people, particularly the younger ones, will happily go nude on a beach without ever really seeing themselves or thinking of themselves as ‘naturists’. ‘We just go naked on the beach sometimes’, is how they’ll see it.girlfriends1_001

There never seems to be any real sense of urgency to the undressing. Girls remove bikini panties and wander around ‘bottomless’ for ages before the bikini top comes off. Or vice versa. Some will be stripped down to knickers and get into animated, Mediterranean style conversations that they just don’t get around to taking off their thong for fifteen minutes.girlfriends2_001

And once off, the ribs of their beach umbrella become a washing line of sorts. Tucking undies, or bikinis, into the ribs of it means less sand around in those awkward places when dressing at the end of the day. It’s almost part of the naturist beach culture, to see bikinis hanging off beach umbrellas.girlfriends5_001