Issue 7 : Cap D’Agde’s Port Ambonne

There was a time when we did have a Cap D’Agde naturist sim in SL, but it fixated on one element of the RL Agde, namely the fact that parts of it have drifted away from being genuine naturist to becoming a haven for swingers and exhibitionists.

For those who don’t know, Cap A’Agde is a naked city in France, complete with commercial centre, roads along which ordinary motorists can drive on their way to and from or through the naturist areas, and with pavements along which naturists promenade on their way to the naturist beach. You can read about Cap D’Adge here.

I’ve been there once, prior to its slide into swinger-like ‘decay’. I believe that genuine naturists do tend to still frequent the area, in large numbers, but sadly its gloss has been removed (for me, and for many other ‘genuine’, family values naturists) by the upturn in swinging and exhibitionism.

I would really need to re-visit it, but the media’s overwhelming view is that it’s a swinger’s paradise. And I would need to revisit it for the reason that the media do tend to offer a skewed vision of the reality for sensationalist purposes. But I would imagine there’s more than a grain of truth in their reporting, with some areas possibly now dominated by the swinging community. And that’s not for me.

At SLN we tend to keep things ‘genuine’, and steer away from the sexual elements of SL naturism. And we don’t, in the main, publish RL photos of naturists, because the thrust of the blog isn’t on real life, but on Second Life.

We’ve continually banged this drum for the year we’ve been publishing, but some people still don’t get the concept of SLN. So it’s maybe unsurprising that a reader writes and asks if Harry could do some of his replications of RL photos in an SL context. And there’s not actually anything wrong with that. Yes. Yes, we could do that. But the remainder of the IM suggests we perhaps represent Agde’s ‘swinging’ element in SL imagery. No. No we can’t. We will, and we have, attempted to replicate genuine naturists’ love of sexy dressing up in the evening, as with Pookes’ post on modesty panels, but other than that, no exhibitionist tendencies are on display at this blog/mag, and certainly representation of swinging will never appear.ambonne retouched

A couple (faces and genitalia blurred, deliberately) pose at Port Ambonne’s marina.

Harry’s photo-essay attempts to recreate this scene, and variants of it, within SL, below.

One of the regularly photographed areas of the RL Cap D’Agde is its port, Port Ambonne, where the rich tie up their yachts and motorboats. Perhaps they’ve sailed along the coast to Agde, and opted for a naturist holiday, either on board, or holed up in their own apartments.port-ambonne-50097100111370685050577051514567x

The Cap D’Agde naturist village, with Port Ambonne and its marina centre of photograph

So I spoke to Harry about this some months ago, with the idea that maybe we should do some sort of pictorial essay on naturist marinas, such as that found at Agde, and offer a SL version of what would be a very familiarly photographed location, and offer our own naturist marina special. Harry has, on occasion, photographed such locations, and the odd one or two have appeared in our posts throughout 2012, but all the time we’ve been building to present a sense of the naturist marina in a unified post. And here, right at year’s end, it’s finished.

And so I’m pleased to offer up a picture essay of naturism in the context of marinas.

Any commentaries next to the photos, and all of the photos, are courtesy of Harry.


‘The obvious place to start a photo essay on marina focused naturism has to be Eden Naturopolis. Because a part of life there centres very much around life on the water, the main TP point brings you in beside their marina -a place where a floating stage is also often built for live converts. Very much water based, many residents and visitors take to life on the water readily, and their island homes will often feature a jetty with one, or maybe two or three, boat tied up. In the first part of this essay, I’ve sifted through photos I’ve taken in the course of the year at the main arena, and then part two will move on to drop in (often unannounced and uninvited! 🙂 ) on residents’ homes to capture Eden residents’ approach to life afloat. After that, we’ll explore some other marina based naturist life in other sims, and finally lead to part 4, where I’ve captured models in marina locations which aren’t naturist.’

‘I feel we should kick off, though, by pointing out (and thanks to Ella for drawing my attention to this) that the entrance to the Cap D’Agde naturist area is dominated by a copy of a statue of ‘The Youth of Agde’ (L’Éphèbe d’Agde) which was discovered on a river bed in Herault in 1964, and resided in the Louvre for fifteen years prior to being moved to the museum in Agde itself, with a copy now dominant at, and certainly in keeping with, the tone of Agde, featuring a naked youth, in bronze, probably of Greek origin, circa 2nd century BC.

Agde_-_Éphèbe01Statues appear to be something of a theme at the approach to naturist areas. I do know that in the Vera Playa area of Spain, a statue also dominates the approach to the naturist hotel. I’m unaware of that statue, a nude female with a dove, having a name, but the dove, surely, is a representation of peace, and probably references the manner in which naturists come together as one, unencumbered by the baggage of uniform or social status, and a reminder that we’re all, stripped of those badges of class or social standing, all one human race.30595605

Why is this relevant to the current post? Because Brenda and Elbag have a similar statue on the approach to Eden Marina.

the youth of edenIn the absence of a name for the statue, I think I shall call this ‘The Youth of Eden’. As with the Vera Playa statue, the nude female holds a globe which has to be seen as a representation of a world, stripped of its borders -a metaphor for Second Life itself?- with a common aim coming together to have fun, relax and enjoy the marvellous lifestyle we have at Eden.

Perhaps Elbag and Brenda would care to consider its tenants and ‘council’ (group officers 🙂 ) naming the statue? I should certainly like to be there and photograph what I feel would be an important SL naturist social event.

nadine 4_001nadine7_001nadine9_001nadine11_001

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