Issue 7 : Dare to dream of summer

I think once Christmas is over many of us begin to think of next year’s summer holidays. I know I do.

I saw this pic on the internet, and it kind of captures the yin and yang of some parts of naturist Europe -warm seas and bare skin backdropped by snowy mountain tops.

snow mountains

I decided I’d try some sort of replication of it in SL. These little excursions are never perfect, but I do like the challenge of making some sort of SL equivalent.snow mtn_001

I’ve flown over the Pyrenees (often) in summer and marvelled at the contours hewn out by the ice age, and also flown over them in winter, when they’ve been reduced to almost nothing other than a one-dimensional white moonscape with the odd craggy rock for detail. And I can still marvel that I, too, will have a similar experience to the girl in the photo, from snowy mountain tops to nude bathing in a matter of hours. If you look hard enough, you can have a similar experience in SL!


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