Issue 7 : End of year review, and around the naturist sims

We’ve lost a couple of familiar naturist places this year, with Buffy’s Cove and 7Hills disappearing, and Sweden and Lupe’s teetered on the edge of extinction at different times during the year. It was, perhaps, a worrying time to be a naturist in SL during 2012 but happily things steadied, and SL’s naturists showed clear support for Sweden and Lupe’s, enough to ensure they continue.

Other familiar names continue, thrive and develop. Su Casa, Eden, Naked Dreams, Turtle, Wild Coast and NWAT are all still in place, looking and feeling great -like old pals we’ve maybe not seen for a couple of weeks (this isn’t actually true in my case, I’m generally in and out of them every 2-3 days and if I’m not, someone from the staff appears to be writing something about them or taking photographs at them).

I would say that, in the current economic climate, we should be happy to know that there are a few highly trusted and very genuine naturist locations available to us, and we can do our best by supporting them on a regular basis. In every crisis there is opportunity, remember? I think the fact that fewer people are starting up new sims and splitting the naturist community across several locations means that we -the community as a whole- may be coalescing behind the few excellent sims around and by regularly revisiting the same places and meeting the same faces are forming a very, very sociable group within SL. Which is precisely what naturism is out there in the real world, a highly sociable lifestyle.

I’ve sent Harry out on a whistle stop tour of the biggies (as named above), the new camera I bought him for Xmas in hand, complete with b&w film stock!!!!, to capture a flavour of how they look, right now, at the end of 2012. I hope to see you around some of them in 2013 and beyond.

nwat xmas_001

It’s the SLN office at NWAT! On the first floor above the cafe. Mmmm! We can smell coffee!!!! 🙂nwat xmas2_001Yes, well, maybe not very Christmasy, but it’s the gym at NWAT, and maybe once you’ve done scoffing chocolates you’ll start the new year with a resolution to get more exercise?

nwat xmas3_001

Like the real life Cap D’Agde, NWAT has its own gendarmerie. Here, a stern looking officer patrols outside the gym

su casa xmas_001

The Su Casa Christmas tree looking good! Now…where’s our copy of Phil Spector’s Xmas album, to put us in the mood!

turtle xmas_001

The entrance to Turtle. Deck the entrance with boughs of holly, tra la la la la….

wild coast xmas_001

And Wild Coast’s Xmas tree’s in place too.eden xmas_001 copy

Finally, the rotunda at Eden, flying the flags of all nations as usual, and reminding us of one people united in naturism. Wherever you are, Feliz Navidad, Happy Christmas, Joyeux Noel, etc…


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