Issue 7 : The photo ‘out takes’, part 2

charlotte and diane levee3_001These are the Levee Sisters, Charlotte and Diana. RL sisters, I’ve not seen either online for a long time now

ella headshot_001

It’s the editor!!!! Here’s a headshot of Ella from her profile when writing for the SSL blog. Not my photo, but passed to me by Ella.harry wild coast_001harry wild coast2_001

Blackmail corner? Yes, the two shots above are of me at Turtle Coast, camera in hand but sporting oh, so unfashionable hair 🙂


Howie and a friend of his called Jaineba.

lak turtle_001

I’ve no recollection of this girl who posed at Turtle for me. She’s listed as ‘Lak’…so if you know her, or are her, get in touch! I think she may have been from eastern Europe somewhere

mamma turtle3_001b

This lady goes by the name of ‘Mamma’. A mature avatar, whom I hadn’t seen since shooting this pic at Buffy’s Cove, until the ‘St Nicholas Day’ party recently.


My Spanish friend Mercedes. Another for blackmail corner, as her appearance has changed markedly since this was taken at Turtle.

vaj turtlet14_001

I’ve no recollection of this couple from Turtle.

xscottx and amaliya_001

Similarly, this couple from Turtle have now escaped memory.

zoe ronin3_001And finally for this post, in this issue, we’ve got Zoe at Eden. I’ve not seen her for a long time, but last time I did she was very much changed from this appearance.

jelena head_001

Adds: Oops! I intended to include this too, a Ukrainian girl called Jelena who was wearing a very ‘Princess Di’ styled 80s hairstyle when I first met her. A sweet lady with a sweet avatar.

Well, that’s just a few of my old shots, most from maybe two years ago or more. I’ll dig through the files in subsequent issues of SLN and bring you a variety of other avi’s I’ve taken over the years.


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