After the rush to Christmas…

edie_001 copy…SL traditionally gets quiet for a while, ratcheting up again towards St. Valentine’s Day.

SLN’s going to be no different, as we take a mini break from regular blogging to work through some ideas for the forthcoming year and, in my instance, come to grips with Firestorm.

Yes, the odd post is going to pop up from time to time, but the daily posting running up to Christmas will now cease, and we’ll be plotting some ideas, sketching out articles for the ‘mag’, and generally beavering away behind the scenes for a week or two. I don’t expect to have any posts for the next week or so, for example. That said, I do have some RL holidays to take in February. I’m toying with the idea of nipping off to the Med for a week, and indulging in another series of ‘Postcards from Spain’ postings. The beaches will be empty, and clothes will be the order of most days, naturism confined to the indoor pool at the complex I frequent, but it’s still nice to get away for a little while. Even if I opt to stay at home, it’ll be a period in which I can get some posts done and plot out SLN’s plans for the summer.


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