‘Nudity where art thou’ closes!

This, I guess, will be one of the BIG stories relating to SL naturism in ages. We got the news on January 29th (30th before any of us picked up on it due to the time difference), and it’s a bad blow to SL naturism. Rok was and remains a dear friend to all of us here at SLN, and I guess as much as anything the closure maybe relates to the economic environment. It’s probably not unconnected to this coming at the end of the month.

Why Rok was such a dear friend to all of us was his enthusiasm for his builds, the attention to detail, and the largesse he displayed (apartments offered free in all of his builds, a wonderful gift from a wonderful fella to oldies like us at SLN and noobs alike).

What we also like about all his builds is a grasp of a different sense of architecture. While some SL builds feel the same and out of the box, Rok’s builds concentrated on having a Mediterranean, French feel, and Rok was something of a francophile in all he did.

Whatever he chooses to do next, we wish him well, but will sadly miss his location, the funky, French vibe he enthused for, and his glint of humour in all he did.

Here at the mag we’re in a kind of flux right now, prepping up the next issue, and most of us spending more time out of world than inworld right now. Post Christmas blues and a need to re-imagine the mag for a new year is all part of our relative (in world and regular blogging) inactivity.

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I think we should remind of ourselves of the good times at NWAT, with a selection of photos taken there.