Ella gets ‘lost’

A heads up.

I can’t log ‘Ella’ in, and indications are my SL account has been compromised in some way. I can log my ‘alt’ in to the same start location, so it’s clearly not a simulator issue.

However, ‘Ella’ is the one with the money, and if I’ve lost control of that account, and more importantly that money, I’m done and finished, as it was a reasonably large amount of (RL) cash. Not a huge fortune, but enough to ‘feed’ Ella’s SL needs, and also ‘pay’ the remainder of the staff for the purchases they acquire in the course of blogging here for the full calendar year of 2013. I have a ticket in with Linden Labs, to see what the issue might be, but I fear the worst.

I am disinclined to start afresh. While I’ve paralleled ‘Ella’ with my alt, so that they look very similar, and I could simply use that ‘alt’ in world, I wouldn’t expect to do so if some sort of ‘theft’, either of the avatar or more importantly the money, has taken place.

I’ll be done, dusted and finished with SL.

Until the matter is resolved, and I get some notification from LL regarding the situation, I can’t actually be inworld, and won’t be blogging here.

An update as I get it, but the loss of that cash would leave a very bitter taste in my mouth.


UPDATE: Linden Labs come in for a lot of criticism, but so far they’ve been very quick in responding. I still don’t have ‘Ella’ back, but hopefully that can be sorted later this week. I’m almost resigned to the fact that my money may well be missing now, as it may be some sort of ID theft, but I desperately want ‘Ella’, and all of her purchases, back safely.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: Still locked out. Unless this is resolved by the end of this week there will certainly be no Valentine’s issue of the mag. Yes, yes, I know I can access this blog, but the problem now is getting inworld to view some romantic destinations and get Harry to do some photoshoots. I’ve got some from him already, but as we know a lot of romantic places will be blogged in the coming days, leading up to Valentine’s Day, and I can’t get inworld to check ’em out.