We’ve been ‘targeted’

It rather appears that Ella, publisher Howie, and Barbara have all been locked out of their accounts at the moment.

It’s all rather suspicious, and the only thing that unites us is our involvement in SLN.

What the motives are, I don’t know. I can get inworld, and I’ve changed my password accordingly. It rather looks like ‘cyber theft’ of some description. We shall let you know more as Linden Labs report back.

Essentially, SLN can continue if the money has been thieved from Ella and Howie’s accounts, but Ella’s thinking appears to be that if her avatar has been ‘stolen’ then she’s inclined not to continue in SL, or continue with SLN. For her, the ownership of her avatar is more important than lost cash Howie is currently of the opinion that he shall quit SL either way. 😦 This will have some impact on SLN in the future.

Whoever’s behind this, I hope you’re very, very proud of yourself. We log in to relax, have fun and indulge in a virtual version of a lifestyle we collectively enjoy. We’re hurting no one. Just why would anyone choose to do this?