Ringing the changes

Nothing remains the same, either in RL or -even more- SL.

While it looked like we’d all be moving on for a short time there, while locked out of our accounts, and I would need to be thinking of how else to occupy myself in down time, it seems we can and will move forward. Barbara’s back with us, and it seems that her lock-out was less to do with some sort of cyber-attack or glitch as it was to do with both hard and software issues. A dodgy keyboard and a corrupted program were all contributing to her enforced absence. LL found nothing wrong with her account, and suggested a re-install. That and a new keyboard have popped her back into SL. Hooray!

We don’t generally discuss our real lives on SLN. You may have some insight into my domestic situation, simply because I’ve said a little about it, when off on holidays for example, but other than that it’s a closed book.

I am, hoever, going to break that rule to congratulate Areola on the birth of a daughter, her first child, and just as quickly bid her farewell from SLN, as she’s said she doesn’t expect to have the time to contribute for ‘a while’. See you in sixteen years, Areola? 🙂

The family are also moving back to France, so it’s a huge change for all concerned. We wish them well, and Areola knows that she will always be welcome to contribute while SLN continues.

The closure of NWAT means we’ve also had to find a new home, and I’m delighted that my good friend Gray Muircastle has offered us facilities at Su Casa. What I’ve learned is that SLN doesn’t need to have any elaborate office, a table, chairs and a laptop pretty much covers all of our, and any working journalist’s, needs. We just really need a place to interview people in a genuine naturist setting. So that’s what we’ve got at Su Casa. You’ll find our new ‘office’ at the lighthouse, and maybe even find one of us hanging around there while SLN work gets done.

Harry and I began with an editorial meeting this morning. It has been ages since we did anything face to face, inworld, and conversations have usually been IM’s left or emails sent and received. It was terrific fun to just chat back and forth, face to face, and kick some ideas around.

While we’ve decided not to permanently replace Areola for now, and the words will pretty much fall to Pookes, Barbara and myself, Harry has come up with the idea that we employ a female photographer. While he’s a genuine guy, Harry feels some people don’t take kindly to being ‘propositioned’ by him. Some male avatars think he’s gay, and hitting on them, some female avatars think he’s hitting on them. So stand by for an announcement on that front -and the appointment of a part-time writer for special assignments. I’m wary that we need to keep SLN evolving, while remaining true to genuine naturism, so our new writer is going to be examining matters on the fringes of naturism. Prim breasts, referred to in a previous post, would be a case in point. Not specifically ‘naturist’, breasts will pretty much be a matter for all sexuality and behaviour, they nonetheless do have some place in naturism, while being of interest to other SL users.ella and harry su casa_001ella and harry su casa3_001harry beer ella in bg_001

I’ve got holidays at the end of this week, so expect a real ratcheting up of SLN activity over the weekend. Sadly, it looks like we’ll miss the St Valentine’s Day deadline, due to the account lockout, which means the whole issue will probably be scrapped. There’s not much point in a Valentine’s Day issue on the 15th, is there? I’ll see if I can salvage something from it, but don’t hold your breath.



Prim breasts

I’ve not really considered this as an option before. As my avi reflects my reality, it’s two bee stings and that’s your lot. In fact, I’d go as far as saying my avi’s ‘A’ cups runneth over a little more than in RL!

As a result, ‘prim breasts’ have never really formed part of my SL experience, but I know there are those out there who are well-endowed, or whose fantasy is to be well-endowed, and thus a little SL micro-industry exists in the production of large boob add-ons.

I visited ‘Lola’s’ recently to see what the fuss is about -I didn’t buy- but I snapped the photo of the in-store model (a bot) showing off her assets.lola breasts

What do you think about the whole prim-boob issue? Have you got them? Do they enhance your in world experience? Please, feel free to comment on the issue.