Drop your pants

I won’t put these in the naturist accessories because they’re part of a hunt, and as such won’t be around forever, but they’re a lovely little accessory nonetheless.

Yopulga is having a mini Valentine’s hunt (til the 20th). Look for tiny hearts and claim eight free gifts. Our attention is one one specific gift, however, a pair of heart print panties half way off!

While the emphasis may be on other needs 🙂 we liked these in the context of people getting undressed for the naturist beach.

Some experimentation shows that they’re much more effective with some AO’s than they are with others, so be prepared to experiment.

Still, they’re cute, and our model follows a very familiar naturist beach pattern wherein many female naturists will go ‘bottomless’ before they ever get their top half, a T shirt, bikini bra or in this case a tank top, off.panties1 hoyes_001panties2 hoyes_001


Fat Tuesday (2)

Following up on Ella and Pookes’ first Fat Tuesday posting, I agree. Next year we have to cover Mardi Gras and carnival more fully.

At the beginning of the year we said we’d use real photos where there was justification for doing so. I think this is one of those times. Below are some real life photos of carnival girls, and Mardi Gras girls flashing for beads which I tried to replicate in the photos in the other post.163026125401549001121191169417155285721771478773


Fat Tuesday

Today is Mardi Gras, and I’m sorry that we didn’t get more time to prepare this post due to recent ‘issues’ with accounts, otherwise we’d have done much, much more with it.

Mardi Gras, as you know, translates from the French for ‘fat Tuesday’, and the French influence is obvious in New Orleans, in Louisiana…further French influence apparent in the name of the city and the name of the state (named after Orleans…Joan of Arc territory…and King Louis XIV of France respectively)

The day before we enter the period of Lent, synonymous with ‘fasting’ of some kind -lots of people give things up for Lent…as long as it’s not SL we’ll be OK!- it is a day when people used to gorge themselves on foods they would subsequently refrain from, which is how the ‘fat Tuesday’ got its name.

We’re Europeans, so the whole ‘Mardi Gras’ experience is maybe a little bit alien to us, but we know enough about it to know we’d like some of that, thank you very much. The carnival outfits, the jazz (New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz), the colour, the party atmosphere and, yes, the recent phenomenon of ‘flashing for beads’ tick our boxes.

And, of course, the whole ‘flashing for beads’ experience sits well within SLN’s remit.

All of today’s photos are from Laura Liberty’s ‘Mardi Gras town’ sim, and the place looks simply fantastic!!!! (or, given we’re in a French mode today, should that be fantastique?) The colour oozes ‘carnival’, and creates a superbly happy vibe from the instant you TP in.

We rounded up a couple of Harry’s willing models to pose for us in the photos since there weren’t many folk around when I (Pookes) tp’ed in. There are free T shirts to be had, all manner of Mardi Gras related merchandise, from carnival outfits to…well…the photos will show what else is available as we go.

mardi gras3_001mardi gras5_001mardi gras4_001


Just look at the colours in the photos above! The whole scene screams ‘party!!!!’ and Cindy, our model, looks fabulous in her carnival outfit (L$50 on the marketplace). Other carnival outfits are available at the sim.

Another purchase to be had (L$150) is the ‘I flash for beads’ mesh T shirt. And, indeed, Harry’s second model does just that!



Well, she’s certainly made the offer with the T shirt, and someone has tossed her a couple of sets (included in the T shirt pack), so….you go girl!!!!



Here she is on a balcony, encouraging fellas to throw some beads in her direction!

Emboldened by the spectacle, our model then makes her way down onto Bourbon Street to dance to the jazz band and get further into the whole experience.



Next year, we promise, we’re going to plan this better and get ourselves some carnival outfits and join in!

Pookes (additional reporting by Ella), photographs by Harry, all at the Mardi Gras 2013 sim. (slurl takes you to the balcony where our model posed…fly or jump to the ground to check out the carts and shop where merchandise is for sale).