Prim Breasts (2)

I’m indebted to a reader for pointing me in the direction of the Boobies Planet blog, and they’ve also got a store here, for those who are interested in the bigger boobs sub-culture.

We’ve already invited an avatar to guest write an occasional column on the ownership, availability of clothes, etc, for the bigger-breasted community.

Thus far, colour matching appears to be an issue for her, you can even see the join in b&w and the effect is, apparently, even worse in colour. We shall leave our guest writer to experiment with ownership of her ‘boob job’, and come back to her in subsequent posts.

Is the prim breast culture something for a naturist blog? I think it is. Naturism abounds with larger, fuller figured ladies for whom large breasts are a fact of life, and I feel that it’s an avenue we certainly need to explore in future posts.

prim breasts_001bw